Donald Marshall. Illuminati Exposed. 3 - Page 10

Introduction This short document highlights Frequently Asked Questions Mr. Donald Marshall has received from the public since he first sent his letter to the world on 2 nd December 2011 regarding the extent and prevalence of human cloning. This document allows the reader to have a further source of reference regarding the most pertinent information concerning the Illuminati. Readers should refer to “Empowerment by Virtue of Golden Truth” (Marshall 2015b) for a full discussion on the subject of “REM driven cloning”. The main topic of discussion in this document is: “The Illuminati’s REM driven cloning subculture” for which REM driven cloning is the technology and method by which Illuminati members meet in complete secrecy to discuss worldly affairs and commit crimes against humanity. Fundamentally, the answers to the questions presented here by Mr. Donald Marshall are firsthand, eyewitness accounts through highly advanced scientific technology by the process of consciousness transfer from Mr. Marshall’s original body to his REM driven clone where Mr. Donald Marshall experiences the SAME earth, only this time in a REM driven clone body, with a clarity of awareness as REM driven clone version of himself; such as how people experience the world with a clarity awareness when their consciousness resides in their original body. Consequently, Mr. Donald Marshall has met many of the world’s high profile figures which Mr. Marshall has speaks of, but only as REM driven clone versions of themselves. It is evident to the fact that Mr. Donald Marshall has met many of the high profile figures he speaks of as “REM driven clone versions” because Mr. Donald Marshall has spoken very negatively of many high profile figures in society and not ONE person in over four years has addressed Mr. Donald Marshall for the slander of her / his name. It is a serious and reputation damaging accusation to call another person a “paedophile”, yet not a SINGLE high profile figure has addressed Mr. Donald Marshall on this issue or taken Mr. Donald Marshall to court to clear their name of such an accusation. Furthermore, it is illegal to cite hatred or spread hoaxes by use of a computer which would incite a public panic and cause dissension, and the punishment for citing hatred and spreading hoaxes via computer is either a fine or prison; yet Mr. Donald Marshall has not received a fine or imprisonment for his testimonies. Consequently, one should first look to the law, in order to understand that Mr. Donald Marshall IS providing accurate and detailed factual information, otherwise Mr. Donald Marshall would have been fined or imprisoned many years ago for either: slandering names, (possibly) inciting a public panic and using a computer to do so. Mr. Donald Marshall tells the truth regarding his accounts of Illuminati’s REM driven cloning subculture. Consequently, it is imperative and of MONUMENTAL importance that humanity learns and understands the true nature its enemy: the Illuminati, and the Illuminati’s REM driven cloning subculture, because it IS “REM driven cloning” which truly exposes the Illuminati. Read / Print / Download / Share. List of Abbreviations: 3SG1: = Third person singular (first respondent, etc.) DM: = Donald Marshall 10 | P a g e