Dominext Magazine - Page 48

Over The Weekend consists of two members Daamin Perry-Calderón and Will Arnold. The duo, coming from different parts of the world Calderon hailing from Carolina, Puerto Rico and Arnold from Washington, Dc came together in 2014.

Both come from musical backgrounds and had mutual friends but somehow never knew each other. The pair made music separately at first, but then Will contacted Daamin and then on begain making hits. The group has performed at Port tobacco marina, Hotel Charles, Memories, Delaware Live, Spice lounge, and Six flags America.

DM: What inspires you to create music?

DPC: Music lives in me! It's a big part of my life. Always has been. It takes me to another place. My soul feeds of off music. It's got me through some of the toughest times in my life and some of the best. I can't see myself doing anything else. I love, eat, breathe, sleep music. My father used to play in a reggae band when we lived in Puerto Rico and he would travel different islands playing

When I was little. I would dance and sing all the time in his music room. Everything about music is amazing. It has so much power to change the way a person thinks, feels, acts.

WA: Emotion. It's always been about emotion for me. When I first started writing lyrics and poems for people I remember people would tell me it helped them get through something, I remember I wrote a poem for my neighbor whose dad died, and they ended up burying it with him. Ever since that time I knew that my words could change people.

As far as the musician ship of it I picked up a guitar when I was 12 and just fell in love, I never really put it down and I remember us all being in the garage for hours on end just jammin and I always remembered we never knew what time it was because none of us had phones. Once I realize that I could write not just play an instrument I started writing poems a lot never really thought about them as lyrics but just words so I started doing spoken word competitions in high school and I made it to the finals a couple times for Charles County.