Dominext Magazine - Page 17

You may be wondering why the ACV and honey combination works so well. There is a common belief that our bodies become overly acidic when we are ill. Our modern diet, which is high in processed foods, starches, and meat, also causes the body to become more acidic. ACV and honey both turn alkaline when metabolized by the body. This raises the pH level of our blood to its natural level making it easier to fight germs and ailments.

It is important to use raw, unprocessed ACV and honey. Distilled vinegar will not provide the same health benefits. It is best to use ACV containing “mother” which is the pulpy-looking substance at the bottom of the bottle.

To make the drink, combine the following:

• One teaspoon honey

• One teaspoon to one tablespoon ACV

• One cup water

You want to drink the mixture in the morning about 20 to 30 minutes before you eat or drink anything else.

Keep in mind that drinking large amounts of ACV can lower your potassium level, lower bone density, and may interact with certain diabetic and heart medications. You should speak with your doctor before starting a long-term regimen of ACV and honey to ensure that it is appropriate for you.