Dogs In Review Magazine October 2016 - Page 9

COLUMNS October 2016 ® 78 LUMINA MEDIA Chairman: David Fry Chief Executive Officer: Keith Walter Chief Financial Officer: David Katzoff Chief Sales Officer: Susan Roark Chief Digital Officer: Jennifer Black-Glover Senior Vice President, Retail: Scott Coffman Vice President, Public Relations & Marketing: Cameron Triebwasser ADVERTISING Dogs in Review Publisher: Susan Roark National Sales Manager: Jason Mailliard SHOW/BREEDER AD SALES Tammy Gincel, 646-584-3164; Brian Cordova, 949-633-3093; Direct Sales Operations Coordinator: Rosa Gallegos EDITORIAL, PRODUCTION AND SALES/CORPORATE OFFICE 2030 Main Street, Suite 1400 Irvine, CA 92614 (949) 855-8822; fax: (949) 855-3045 10 78 Editor’s Page Show Scene: BY ALLAN REZNIK Late July to Late August BY PAULA PASCOE LOS ANGELES SALES OFFICE 500 N. Brand Blvd., Suite 600 Glendale, CA 91203 (213) 385-2222; fax: (213) 385-0335 Dogs in Review is published by 14 Between the Lines: 102 Geography Is Destiny Point/ Counterpoint: BY BO BENGTSON How do you feel abou BGv6w0BFR6RfVVPFR6RF#r6VRCFR7@'FB6V'2b%u$UD4T$U$$D#`&FW2BFVFƖW03g&גW'7V7FfSFV6Rw&76W %4P7V'67&F&FR2Cc㓒f"FW7F27W&f6PBC#B㓒f"6FBFW&F7W&f6RFR&FW2Ɨ7FVB&Rf"RV""77VW26F&FR6VFW27FvRu5BB5@vW&RƖ6&R6vR6R2&6R2C㓒f FRFǒ77VRBCB㓒f"FRVW06r6VB7V'67&F2&VWv2B6'&W7FV6R&WB7V'67&F2FFw2&WfWr&Ss&SS23sV6RrbӀvVV2f"Wr7V'67&F2F&VvVG0R2gVG2ǒ6VBVFF&FW&FFw2&WfWp#37G&VWB7VFRC'fR4#c@&W斴V֖VF6Х6VBGfW'F6rFW&F󠠤drU244TD#37G&VWB7VFRC'fR4#c@fCSR3CPF&G4V֖VF6Рd4T$wwrf6V&6Fw4&WfWpEtEDU#Fw4&WfWp5Du$ӢFw4&WfWp`Du6$UdUr6Р2W&W76VB&RBV6W76&ǒF6RbFPV&Ɨ6W'2Fw2&WfWrFW2&W76&ƗGf"7FFVVG2"62FRGfW'F6VVG2vR&W6W'fRFR&vBFVFBB"&VgW6R6W67&G2&V6RFR&W'GbFw2&WfWrࠠ