Dogs In Review Magazine October 2016 - Page 85

PENNSYLVANIA X Penn Ridge KC 8-12-16 Harrisburg, PA. Entry 1,254. Judge Norman Kenney, BIS Puli GCh. Cordmaker Mis- X Crab Orchard KC 8-7-16 Marion, IL. Entry 577. Judge Steve Hayden, BIS Pointer GCh. Chesterhope Never Ask Why For Daykeyne. ter Blue Sky. X Penn Ridge KC 8-13-16 Harrisburg, PA. Entry 1,630. Judge Eric Ringle, BIS Great Pyrenees GCh. River- X Harrisburg KC 8-14-16 Harrisburg, PA. Entry 1,541. Judge Walter Sommerfelt, BIS Puli GCh. Cordmaker groves Enough Said. LOUISIANA X Louisiana KC 8-4-16 Kenner, LA. Entry 895. Judge Christopher Tilghman Neale, BIS Skye Terrier Ch. Cragsmoor Good Fellow. X Metairie KC 8-5-16 Kenner, LA. Entry 948. Judge Nancy Liebes, BIS Border Collie GCh. Majestic Elite Clever X Louisiana KC 8-6-16 Kenner, LA. Entry 1,034. Judge Virginia Lyne, BIS Smooth Dachshund GCh. Passport Mister Blue Sky. Endeavor PT. WASHINGTON X Nisqually KC 8-13-16 Rainier, WA. Entry 904. Judge Paula Nykiel, BIS Keeshond GCh. Skyline’s Unit Of Measure. X Nisqually KC 8-14-16 Rainier, WA. Entry 904. Judge Dr. James Edwards, BIS Keeshond GCh. Skyline’s Unit Of What Did You Say SS. X Metairie KC 8-7-16 Kenner, LA. Entry 987. Judge Jay Richardson, BIS Skye Terrier Ch. Cragsmoor Good Fellow. Measure. WISCONSIN X Cudahy KC 8-12-16 South Milwaukee, WI. Entry 378. Judge Richard Miller, BIS Longhaired Dachshund GCh. DC MASSACHUSETTS X Pioneer Valley KC 8-6-16 Greenfield, MA. Entry 491. Judge Dr. Elliot More, BIS Old English Sheepdog GCh. Bagatelle Rolling Moon Stone. Walmar-Solos OMG SL, JE. X Top: Genesee Valley KC 6-25-16 Henrietta, NY. Entry 466. Judge JoAnne Buehler, BIS Cairn Terrier Cairnforyou Marshall Dillon. Above: Genesee Valley KC 6-26-16 Henrietta, NY. Entry 466. Judge June Penta, BIS Siberian Husky GCh. Highlander’s Take It To The Limit. NEW YORK X Saratoga New York KC 8-10-16 Ballston Spa, NY. Entry 581. Judge Jan Paulk, BIS Affenpinscher GCh. Tamarin Tailback. X Glens Falls KC 8-11-16 Ballston Spa, NY. Entry 642. Judge Nancy Bodine, BIS Pug GCh. Hill Country’s Let’s Get Ready To Rumble. X Mohawk Valley KC 8-12-16 Ballston Spa, NY. Entry 711. Judge Henry (Hank) Williams, BIS Great Pyrenees Southern Adirondack DC 8-13-16 Ballston Spa, NY. Entry 830. Judge Dr. Thomas Davies, BIS Greyhound X Southern Adirondack DC 8-14-16 Ballston Spa, NY. Entry 731. Judge James Covey, BIS Berger Picard GCh. Sketchbook I’ve Got Ewe Babe CM. Greater Racine KC 8-14-16 Franksville, WI. Entry 566. Judge Wendy Maisey, BIS Gordon Setter GCh. Hillock Beaconfield Bellagio. X Greater Racine KC 8-15-16 Franksville, WI. Entry 317. Judge Fred Bassett, BIS Papillon GCh. Wingssong Luck Be A Lady. GCh. Prana Fenice Merry Mystique. X Sturgis KC 8-6-16 Marshall, MI. Entry 839. Judge Larry Abbott, BIS Scottish Terrier GCh. Round Town Queen Of X Berrien KC 8-7-16 Marshall, MI. Entry 790. Judge Janet Turnage Nahikian, BIS Scottish Terrier GCh. Round Hearts Of Maryscot. Singular Sensation. Aug. 3-7 CALIFORNIA X Richmond DFC 8-6-16 Dixon, CA. Entry 1,379. Judge Judi Bendt, BIS German Shepherd Dog GCh. Rosewood’s Town Queen Of Hearts Of Maryscot. NEW JERSEY X Hunterdon Hills KC 8-6-16 Ringoes, NJ. Entry 660. Judge Bruce Schwartz, BIS English Cocker Spaniel GCh. Dawnglow Knight Rider. X Galileo. X Richmond DFC 8-7-16 Dixon, CA. Entry 1,351. Judge Stephanie Hedgepath, BIS Basset Hound GCh. Blossomhil’s Topsfield Sanchu A Little Princess. ILLINOIS X Crab Orchard KC 8-6-16 Marion, IL. Entry 553. Judge Robert Hutton, BIS Pointer GCh. Chesterhope Never Ask Why For Daykeyne. Hunterdon Hills KC 8-7-16 Ringoes, NJ. Entry 691. Judge Christine Calcinari, BIS English Cocker Spaniel GCh. Dawnglow Knight Rider. NORTH DAKOTA X Bismarck KC 8-6-16 Bismarck, ND. Entry 488. Judge James Reynolds, BIS Australian Shepherd GCh. Mcmatt’s Isis Of Graffiti. X Bismarck KC 8-6-16 Bismarck, ND. Entry 500. Judge Elizardo Valadez, BIS Miniature Bull Terrier GCh. PHOTOS THIS PAGE BY JC PHOTOGRAPHY OHIO X Lorain County KC 8-13-16 Oberlin, OH. Entry 812. Groups canceled due to severe weather and tent collapse. X Lorain County KC 8-14-16 Oberlin, OH. Entry 805. Judge Ole Nielsen, BIS Bouvier des Flandres GCh. Quiche’s MICHIGAN X Sturgis KC 8-5-16 Marshall, MI. Entry 649. Judge Vicki Abbott, BIS Papillon Taliesin Twice As Nice. X GCh. Pyrless & Ashby She’s All That! X GCh. Grandcru Giaconda CGC. 82 Cudahy KC 8-13-16 South Milwaukee, WI. Entry 565. Judge Steven Gladstone, BIS Norwich Terrier GCh.