Dogs In Review Magazine October 2016 - Page 83

Clairsville, OH. Entry 385. Judge Olga Gagne, BIS Parson Russell Terrier BIS Bulldog GCh. Wilson’s I’m Your Handyman. X Memphis KC 8-21-16 Southaven, MS. Entry 550. Judge Richard Miller, BIS Bulldog GCh. Wilson’s I’m Your GCh. Brywood Heluva Ride. X Handyman. St. Clairsville Ohio KC 8-21-16 St Clairsville, OH. Entry 368. Judge Nathaniel Horn, BIS Spanish Water Dog GCh. Jango CM2. NEVADA X Reno KC 8-20-16 Reno, NV. Entry 1,021. Judge Debra Thornton, BIS Saluki GCh. Impala Ladies Love Outlaws. X Reno KC 8-21-16 Reno, NV. Entry 1,021. Judge Dr. Robert D. Smith, BIS Standard Schnauzer GCh. Blackhawk WASHINGTON X Olympic KC 8-20-16 Enumclaw, WA. Entry 2,206. Judge Dr. Steve Keating, BIS Whippet GCh. Windborn Starline Heiress. X Major Max Von Zastrow. NEW YORK X Susque-Nango KC 8-18-16 Apalachin, NY. Entry 498. Judge Randy Garren, BIS Affenpinscher GCh. Yarrow HiTech Drills N Skills. X Susque-Nango KC 8-19-16 Apalachin, NY. Entry 594. Judge Thomas Parrotti, BIS Miniature Pinscher GCh. Kimro’s Avalon As If. WISCONSIN X Marshfield Area KC 8-20-16 Marshfield, WI. Entry 486. Judge Murrel Purkhiser, BIS Greyhound GCh. Grandcru Giaconda CGC. X Miss Vera Vain. X Olympic KC 8-21-16 Enumclaw, WA. Entry 2,125. Judge Norman Patton, BIS Miniature Poodle GCh. Danfour Tioga County KC 8-20-16 Apalachin, NY. Entry 680. Judge David Anthony, BIS Dalmatian GCh. Bellemar’s Hon- Marshfield Area KC 8-21-16 Marshfield, WI. Entry 481. Judge Edd Bivin, BIS Greyhound GCh. Grandcru Giaconda CGC. ey Badger. X Top: Anoka County Minnesota KC 6-24-16 Cambridge, MN. Entry 1,158. Judge Mary Ann Alston, BIS Saluki GCh. Baghdad Eleganza Extravaganza. Above: Cambridge Minnesota KC 6-25-16 Cambridge, MN. Entry 1,243. Judge Dr. Richard Meen, BIS Clumber Spaniel GCh. Clussexx Man Of Steel. Anderson, BIS Boston Terrier GCh. Sabe’s Simply Invincible. X Greater Emporia KC 8-22-16 Topeka, KS. Entry 796. Judge Joanne (Jan) Paulk, BIS Australian Shepherd GCh. Mcmatt And Graffiti Rumor Has It. MASSACHUSETTS X Wachusett KC 8-20-16 Marlborough, MA. Entry 656. Judge Janina Laurin, BIS Great Pyrenees GCh. Pyrless & Hi-Tech Drills N Skills. NORTH CAROLINA X Danville KC 8-17-16 Greensboro, NC. Entry 664. Judge Sharol Candace Way, BIS Papillon GCh. Prana Fenice Mer- Wachusett KC 8-21-16 Marlborough, MA. Entry 639. Judge Jason Hoke, BIS Pekingese GCh. Pequest Pickwick. MICHIGAN X Macomb KC 8-20-16 Davisburg, MI. Entry 571. Judge Dorothy Collier, BIS Dalmatian GCh. Spotlight Maybe It’s Court Broxden What In Carnation. Greater Hickory KC 8-19-16 Greensboro, NC. Entry 974. Judge Carol Brown, BIS French Bulldog GCh. 80 try’s Puttin’ On The Ritz. X X Carolina KC 8-20-16 Greensboro, NC. Entry 1,168. Judge Ronald Mahon, BIS Briard GCh. Majestique’s Hugs & Kisses Of Mystic Oaks RN CA. X Carolina KC 8-21-16 Greensboro, NC. Entry 1,094. Judge Jacqueline Stacy, BIS Boxer GCh. Mephisto’s Speak Of OHIO X St. Clairsville Ohio KC 8-20-16 St Arkansas KC 8-14-16 Little Rock, AR. Entry 803. Judge Patricia Sosa, BIS Boxer GCh. Cherkei’s Dick Tracey. CALIFORNIA X South Bay KC 8-13-16 Torrance, CA. Entry 921. Judge William Russell, BIS Maltese GCh. Magnifico’s Rekindled Spirit. X Jcrv-Klasse Warrior Raising The Banner. The Devil. MISSISSIPPI X Memphis KC 8-20-16 Southaven, MS. Entry 542. Judge Robert Frost, ARKANSAS X Arkansas KC 8-13-16 Little Rock, AR. Entry 791. Judge Christine Salyers Anderson, BIS Pug GCh. Hill Coun- South Bay KC 8-14-16 Torrance, CA. Entry 946. Judge Robert Shreve, BIS Akita GCh. Mojo’s Continuation Of A Myth. MINNESOTA X KC of Freeborn Cou nty, Minnesota 8-13-16 Albert Lea, MN. Entry 586. Judge Charles Trotter, BIS Australian Shepherd GCh. Catalina’s Master Of Illusion. X KC of Freeborn County, Minnesota 8-1416 Albert Lea, MN. Entry 568. Judge Brian Meyer, BIS Whippet Ch. Sporting Fields Wildbriar Dashing Waves. PHOTOS THIS PAGE BY LUIS F. SOSA Macomb KC 8-21-16 Davisburg, MI. Entry 572. Judge Kenneth Berg, BIS Smooth Fox Terrier GCh. Hampton Danville KC 8-18-16 Greensboro, NC. Entry 782. Judge Harry (Butch) Schulman, BIS English Springer Spaniel GCh. Cerise Blindside. X Maybelline. X Aug. 10-15 ry Mystique. X Ashby She’s All That! X Tioga County KC 8-21-16 Apalachin, NY. Entry 638. Judge Deborah Anthony, BIS Affenpinscher GCh. Yarrow