Dogs In Review Magazine October 2016 - Page 81

SHOW SCENE T PAULA PASCOE 78 his time we’re giving the BIS results for 134 shows held over five weekends between the fourth weekend of July and the middle of August. An additional show saw its groups canceled because of severe weather causing the collapse of the ring tent. The total number of dog entries among the 135 shows listed below is around 119,619, making for an overall average of about 886 dogs entered per show. We are happy to see four shows that drew an entry of more than 2,000 dogs. The weekend of July 21-24 involved 20 shows held in eight states, lead by excellent entries at the four shows in Houston. The Beaumont KC event on the Saturday drew 2,063 entries, and all three of the other shows were also very well supported, for a cluster total of 7,877 dogs entered. There were also good entries in Portland on the weekend. The total number of dog entries on this weekend was 19,253, making for an average of 963 dogs per show, the highest average we find in this report. The last weekend of July, which in a few cases spilled over into the first couple days of August, featured 30 shows in 11 cities. With a total of 26,523 dog entries among these events, the average works out to 884 dogs per show. Honorable mention goes to the weekend events in Greenville, S.C., each of which attracted more than 1,800 dogs. Over the first full weekend in August we find 27 shows in 10 venues, with 25,776 dog entries making for an average of 955 dogs per show. The numbers were best at the four-show cluster in Canfield, Ohio, led by the Saturday Beaver County event, which drew 2,001 dogs. The cluster total was more than 7,000 entries. Twenty-two events were involved in nine locations on the second weekend of August, with an average entry of just over 800 dogs calculated from the 17,786 entries. The biggest shows on the weekend were those in Harrisburg, Pa. The busiest weekend in this report was that held during the third weekend of August, with 36 shows held in 13 states. The total number of dog entries among the shows involved was in the neighborhood of 30,280. The two Olympic KC events held in Enumclaw, Wash., were the best entered, with each attracting well over 2,000 dogs — about 2,200 at the Saturday show. These two large events, combined with good entries in Greeley, Colo., helped pull the weekend average up to about 840 dogs entered per show. Shardust Authentic. X West Oahu KC 8-21-16 Ewa, HI. Entry 250. Judge Joe Gregory, BIS English Springer Spaniel GCh. Foxboro N Shardust Authentic. INDIANA X Marion KC 8-17-16 Munci e, IN. Entry 462. Judge Timothy Catterson, BIS Greyhound GCh. Grandcru Giaconda CGC. X Muncie KC 8-18-16 Muncie, IN. Entry 518. Judge Annette Denise Bowe, BIS Ibizan Hound GCh. Harehill’s Say No X Anderson KC 8-19-16 Muncie, IN. Entry 658. Judge Edward Hall, BIS Pug More. GCh. Hill Country’s Let’s Get Ready To Rumble. X Muncie KC 8-20-16 Muncie, IN. Entry 809. Judge Dr. Dale Simmons, BIS Great Pyrenees GCh. Rivergroves Chateau De Castelnau. X Aug. 17-22 COLORADO X Greeley KC 8-20-16 Greeley, CO. Entry 1,793. Judge Patti Widick Neale, BIS Great Dane GCh. Journeys Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. X Greeley KC 8-21-16 Greeley, CO. Entry 1,768. Judge Gabriela Garcia, BIS Norwegian Elkhound GCh. VinMelca’s Daggarwood Delight. HAWAII X West Oahu KC 8-20-16 Ewa, HI. Entry 247. Judge Lesley Hiltz, BIS English Springer Spaniel GCh. Foxboro N Anderson KC 8-21-16 Muncie, IN. Entry 759. Judge Barbara Doyle, BIS Ibizan Hound GCh. Harehill’s Say No More. KANSAS X Greater Emporia KC 8-19-16 Topeka, KS. Entry 1,022. Judge Betty-Anne Stenmark, BIS Border Terrier GCh. Meadowlake Dark Side Of The Moon. X Jesse James KC 8-20-16 Topeka, KS. Entry 1,256. Judge Gloria Kerr, BIS Standard Poodle GCh. Dawin Some X Jesse James KC 8-21-16 Topeka, KS. Entry 1,228. Judge Christine Salyers Like It Hot. PHOTOS THIS PAGE BY SUSAN BOOTH Right: Echo Hills KC of Ohio 6-18-16 Troy, OH. Entry 771. Judge Paula Nykiel, BIS German Shorthaired Pointer GCh. VjkMyst Garbonita’s California Journey CGC. Far right: Echo Hills KC of Ohio 6-19-16 Troy, OH. Entry 721. Judge Carl Gene Liepmann, BIS Gordon Setter GCh. Hillock Beaconfield Bellagio. WHO WON WHAT WHERE: LATE JULY TO LATE AUGUST