Dogs In Review Magazine October 2016 - Page 13

EDITOR’S PAGE Celebrating Tradition in Our Sport W 10 photojournalist and sighthound aficionado Anna Szabó, we have a wonderfully insightful interview with Dr. Engh that we are running in two parts: This month, we present his views on judging, and in our November Breeders Issue, his thoughts on breeding. One tangible way in which the American Kennel Club salutes tradition is its annual selection of seven Breeder of the Year Honorees, one of whom will be named the 2016 AKC Breeder of the Year this December in Orlando at the AKC National Championship presented by Royal Canin. The names of the honorees were released on September 6, the day this column is being written, and so I am delighted to include them here. They are: Sporting Group: Dorothea (Dot) Vooris Simberlund, Fieldfine German Shorthaired Pointers Hound Group: Ray and Jana Brinlee, Jaraluv Scottish Deerhounds Working Group: Alan Kalter and Chris Lezotte, HappyLegs Bullmastiffs Terrier Group: Joan Huber, Blythewood Miniature Schnauzers Toy Group: Max E. Hurd, Hurd’s Chihuahuas Non-Sporting Group: Susan and Gary Carr, Salishan Tibetan Terriers Herding Group: Terry Miller and Dominique Dube, Déjà Vu/Popsakadoo Briards. Congratulations to you all! We are pleased to announce that a digital version of Dogs in Review magazine is now available online at Allan Reznik, Editor JULIE LYNN MUELLER elcome to our October Terrier Issue! With fall in the air, my thoughts instantly turn to Montgomery County, the world’s premier Terrier show, and an event that embodies the very best of tradition in our sport. Nothing about Terriers is for the lazy or faint of heart: not their personalities, not their grooming needs, not their meticulous preparation for the show ring. When we think of Terrier masters like George Ward, Ric Chashoudian and Peter Green, taking shortcuts was never part of their DNA. At Montgomery County, Terriers are presented at their finest for the appreciation of specialist judges and a discerning international gallery. No less illustrious are the men and women who have, over many decades, devoted themselves to mounting a show each October that provides a fitting showcase for the dogs and exhibitors. Dr. Deubler, Walter Goodman and Jim and Marjorie McTernan are among those who quickly come to mind. No challenge is too great, no detail is too small, for the proud custodians of this venerable show. Current President Bruce Schwartz has spent a lifetime in Terriers, and his attention to every aspect of the show reflects that dedication. There are no “small jobs” at Montgomery, as the prestigious ring stewards and catalog vendors will tell you. In a sport that has its share of dabblers just passing through, we must salute Montgomery County for the long tradition it upholds so proudly. Second-generation dog families are another tradition to admire. Happily, for the continuity of the sport, there are some distinguished ones here in America, and around the world. One of the most well respected are judge and master breeder Dr. Espen Engh and his mother, the late Kari Engh, of the Jet’s Greyhounds in Norway. In the case of Espen Engh, the AKC’s allotted judging time of 2.5 minutes per dog is decidedly too short. That’s just not enough Espen! His brilliant, inquisitive mind has resulted in a breeding program admired around the world. His judging is no less original. To converse with him is time well spent. Thanks to European