Dogs In Review Magazine October 2016 - Page 127

Top : GCh . Ambrick ’ s Tailor Made Oasis Top right : Ozark Undercover Angel Above : UKC GCh . River Ridge ’ s Shine On SweetStuff
GCh . Ambrick ’ s Tailor Made Oasis Manchester Terrier ( Standard ) Owners : Valerie Stanert , Marla Zoz , and Judy and Gary Anderson
1 . & 2 . I grew up on a dairy farm and competed in 4-H , so the transition to showing dogs seemed pretty natural , even though it was many years later before I started showing dogs . My love for animals in general started at a young age . I got my first two Standard Manchesters in 1993 . My breeders talked me into showing both of them before breeding , and I have been showing ever since . I do mostly conformation , but I have done some obedience , rally and agility . In 1997 , two out of the same litter ended the year at No . 1 and No . 2 .
The following year they were No . 2 and No . 3 . There have been eight Manchesters of my breeding that are in the American Manchester Terrier Club Hall of Fame . Six of them I personally showed to the HOF .
3 . GCh ./ Can . Ch . Ambricks Tailor Made Oasis HOF ROM , ‘ Katie ,’ is the granddaughter of my first Manchester to reach the ranking of No . 1 for the year , and she is the dam of the current No . 1-ranked Manchester , GCh . S Enchante ’ King Of Queens Von Ambrick . In 2009 , Katie was WB at our National Specialty . In 2010 she was BOS to BOV at our National Specialty . In 2013 she was BOS at Westminster . Of Katie ’ s 20 offspring , 10 have obtained their championships , four have their Grands and one is a Silver Grand Champion . In 2013 and 2014 , Katie was the AMTC brood bitch of the year , producing the most champions each of those years .
4 . The breeding that produced Katie was to a male that I had used in the past and had a history of producing excellent conformation and temperaments . I was not disappointed with the quality of puppies that came out of that litter .
5 . I feel that Katie consistently passes on to her offspring a lovely head and eye , rich mahogany tan , great temperaments and correct outline .
Ozark Undercover Angel Norfolk Terrier Owner : Jerry O ’ Dell
1 . I ’ ve been showing dogs for 45 years , mostly Sporting breeds until I was given ‘ Angel ’ eight years ago . Since that time I ’ ve had nothing but Norfolks . I ’ m active in my local kennel club and have served as their Show Chairman for the past 15 years .
2 . I ’ ve never met Angel ’ s breeders and don ’ t really know anything about them .
3 . Angel was only shown a few times before an injury left her with a permanent limp that ended her show career . She did win some single points and a Group 4 before her injury .
4 . To the best of my knowledge , all four of her grandparents were imports from Europe , blending together Allright , Jaeva and Nanfan bloodlines , all of which are well-known bloodlines in our breed .
5 . Angel has consistently passed on correct muzzleto-backskull proportions , excellent shoulders , good length of upper arm and great temperament . Hopefully her daughters will have her great mothering instincts as well .
UKC GCh . River Ridge ’ s Shine On SweetStuff Rat Terrier Owner : Stacy McWilliams 1 . & 2 . See top Rat Terrier sire for more information . 3 . Hannah was never shown in AKC . She was retired prior to the breed achieving AKC recognition . 4 . N / A . 5 . Bred by River Ridge Rat Terriers , ‘ Hannah ’ has proven to be a top-producing bitch year after year since the breed has moved into AKC . Hannah ’ s offspring continue to work toward their championships and various levels of Grands , as their sound movement is recognized by the judges . Hannah throws outstanding headpieces and beautiful moderate angles front to rear . We have a few Hannah daughters in our program and look forward to their success . Fully OFA tested , Hannah has excellent hips .
Ch . Woburn Boardwalk Empire ROM Scottish Terrier Owners : Steve and Debi Russell
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ed with the quality of puppies that came out of that litter. 5. I feel that Katie consistently passes on to her offspring a lovely head and eye, rich mahogany tan, great temperaments and correct outline. Top: GCh. Ambrick’s Tailor Made Oasis Top right: Ozark Undercover Angel Above: UKC GCh. River Ridge’s Shine On SweetStuff 124 GCh. Ambrick’s Tailor Made Oasis Manchester Terrier (Standard vW'3fW&P7FW'B&BVGBv'FW'6b"w&WrWF'f&B6WFV@BԂ6FRG&6FF6vrFw26VVV@&WGGGW&WfVFVvBv2V'0FW"&Vf&R7F'FVB6vrFw2גfRf"2vVW&7F'FVB@VrvRvBג'7@Gv7FF&B6W7FW'02ג'&VVFW'2FƶVBRF6vr&FbFV&Vf&R'&VVFrBfP&VV6vrWfW"66RF7Fǒ6f&F'WBfRFR6R&VFV6R&ǒBvƗGrGvW@bFR6RƗGFW"VFVBFRV"BB"FRfvrV"FWvW&R"B2FW&RfP&VVVvB6W7FW'2bג'&VVFrFB&RFRW&66W7FW"FW'&W"6V"bfR6bFVW'6ǒ6vVBFFRb2t666'&62F"FR62`$( FR( 2FRw&FFVvFW"bג'7B6W7FW"F&V6FR&涖rbf"FRV"B6R0FRFbFR7W'&VB&VB6W7FW"t60V6F^( rbVVV2f'&6#FPv2t"BW"F7V6G#6Rv2$0F$bBW"F7V6G#26Rv2$2@vW7F֖7FW"bF^( 2#fg7&rfR'FVBFV 662fW"fRFV"w&G2BR26fW w&B6#2B#BFRv2FRD0'&B&F6bFRV"&GV6rFR7B60V6bF6RV'2BFR'&VVFrFB&GV6VBFRv2FRF@BW6VBFR7BBB7F'b&GV6rW6VVB6f&FBFVW&VG2v2BF6BРDu6$UdUr6Р&VFW&6fW"vV&fƲFW'&W vW#W''( FV( fR&VV6vrFw2f"CRV'27Fǒ7'Fp'&VVG2VFv2vfV( vV( VvBV'2v66RF@FR( fRBFr'WB&fƷ2( 7FfRג6VV6V"BfR6W'fVB2FV"6r6&f"FP7BRV'2"( fRWfW"WBvV( 2'&VVFW'2BF( B&VǒpFr&WBFV2vVv2ǒ6vfWrFW2&Vf&RW'Vg@W"vFW&VBƖFBVFVBW"6r6&VW"6PFBv6R6vRG2Bw&WB&Vf&RW"W'BFFR&W7BbגvVFvRfW"bW"w&G&VG2vW&R'G2g&WW&R&VFrFvWFW"&vBWfBf&FƖW2bv6&RvVֶv&FƖW2W"'&VVBRvV2667FVFǒ76VB6'&V7BWWF&66V&'F2W6VVB6VFW'2vBVwF`WW"&Bw&VBFVW&VBVgVǒW"FVvFW'0vfRW"w&VBFW&r7F7G22vVT2t6&fW"&Fv^( 26R7vVWE7GVf`&BFW'&W vW#7F75vƖ0b"6VRF&BFW'&W"6&Rf"&Rf&F2v2WfW"6v26Rv2&WF&VB& FFR'&VVB6Wfr2&V6vFBR'&VB'&fW"&FvR&BFW'&W'2( ( 2&fVF&RF&GV6r&F6V"gFW"V"66RFR'&VV@2fVBF2( 2fg7&r6FVRFv&Fv&BFV"662Bf&W2WfV2bw&G22FV"6VBfVVB2&V6v旦VB'FRVFvW2F&w2WG7FFrVGV6W2B&VWFgVFW&FPvW2g&BF&V"vRfRfWrFVvFW'2W &w&Bf'v&BFFV"7V66W72gVǒdFW7FVB2W6VVB26v'W&&&GvƲV&R$Х66GF6FW'&W vW'37FWfRBFV&'W76V