Dogs In Review Magazine October 2016 - Page 125

TOP DAM QUESTIONS 1. Provide a brief biography of yourselves and your experience in the sport. 2. Provide a brief biography of your dam’s breeder(s) and background in the sport, if you are not the breeder. 3. Briefly describe the highlights of your dam’s show career. 4. What is significant about the breeding that produced her? 5. What two or three traits do you feel she is particularly strong in passing along to her offspring? Top left: Ch. Caledonian Peanut Brittle Of Wolfpit Above left: Ch. Penny Candy Of Wolfpit Top right: GCh. Kingdoms Margaret May CGC 122 Shonenburg was gracious enough to let me bring him over for a visit. 3. Diamant is a champion in many countries, including the US. His show career here was quick and painless, including specialty wins and a nice BOB at Devon the day before Montgomery County, which is our National Specialty. 4. His pedigree is a combination of top English and German lines. 5. I just love the overall type he produced for me. Beautiful heads. Ch. Caledonian Peanut Brittle Of Wolfpit and Ch. Penny Candy Of Wolfpit Cairn Terriers (Tied) Owner: Lydia C. Hutchinson 1. & 2. I have been involved in the sport of dogs for over 60 years, always with Cairn Terriers and in my teenage years with Miniature Poodles. As a Cairn breeder (which began as a family hobby) our Wolfpit Cairns have accounted thus far for 260 champions, the great majority of which were homebred. We have shared many of our dogs with other Cairn folks, a number of whom have gone on to be successful in their own right. 3. Both ‘Candy’ and ‘Peanut’ were not shown after completing their championships. I rarely special a bitch, preferring to use their qualities in the whelping box. 4. My philosophy in breeding is to have the majority of our litters be linebred, going way back to our first dogs. Peanut is a result of linebreeding. Every so often, however, I like to do an outcross to a suitable dog, and Candy is a result of a mostly outcross (although Wolfpit dogs are several generations behind her sire). We have been fortunate to have had several very dominant sires in our kennel, the most influential being Ch. Cairnwoods Quince and Ch. Caledonian Berry Of Wolfpit, and they have passed on their outstanding qualities. 5. Both Candy and Peanut have lovely, stable temperaments and excellent health and have passed these traits on to their offspring. They both have excellent heads and structure, making them sound movers. These qualities can also be seen in their offspring. GCh. Kingdoms Margaret May CGC Cairn Terrier (Tied) Owners: Rebecca Scherbarth, Ken Scherbarth Sr., and Angel and Don Klein 1. & 2. My in-laws, Ken and Bertha Scherbarth, have been in Cairn Terriers since 1961. Their kennel name is TharrBarr. They have bred and shown many top Cairns. I got my first Cairn in 1993, and he finished in one weekend with three 5-point majors, TharrBarr’s Leader Of The Pack. I am fortunate to have gotten my start from well-known Cairn breeders. I now have over 25 champions and five Grand Champions. 3. ‘Maggie’ started her career at 7 months winning from the Bred-by class. She has eight Best of Breeds as well as Group placements from Bred-by. After her first litter, she became a Grand Champion. 4. N/A. 5. Maggie was bred to GCh. Terriwood MVP (‘Lucas’). When deciding on the right sire, I looked at movement and structure, wanting to ensure that the stud dog had attributes that I felt would complement Maggie’s strengths. I bred first for type, health and, lastly, pedigree. Maggie has passed on her balance, true proportions, beautiful movement, attitude and correct size. Out of her first litter of seven, she had five champions and one Grand Champion. All six puppies have gone on to win BOB and Group placements. From Maggie’s second litter of four, there are two champions, both with BOB and Group placements to their credit.