Dogs In Review Magazine October 2016 - Page 121

of the 2015 Top Sires & Dams in the Terrier Group* A few breeders and owners tell us more about their top producers. TOP SIRE QUESTIONS 1. Provide a brief biography of yourselves and your experience in the sport. 2. Provide a brief biography of your sire’s breeder(s) and background in the sport, if you are not the breeder. 3. Briefly describe the highlights of your sire’s show career. 4. What is significant about the breeding that produced him, his sire and dam or the dogs behind him? 5. Are there two or three traits that you feel he is particularly prepotent for? Above: GCh.S Milenka’s Hector In Act Four CGCA Above right: BIS GCh. Bigwig’s Mack The Knife GCh.S Milenka’s Hector In Act Four CGCA Cesky Terrier Owners: Loren Marino, Liana Kapustina and Alexander Kapustin 1. & 2. ‘Hector’ was bred by Karsten Kaemling who is credited with bringing the Cesky to Canada, and Hector’s parents come from Jitka Paulinova (daughter of Mr. Horak, who developed the breed in the Czech Republic). 3. Hector has had a very minimal show career, with fewer than 150 shows total over 4 years of competition in the US, all after the age of 9 years old. Each year Hector has finished in the No. 2 spot narrowly behind his competition. Hector has sired multiple champions, Grand Champions and International Champions in the US and abroad. Hector has been invited to Westminster for all four years of competition, and earned two BOB wins (2015 and 2016, the only owner-handled, non-professionally handled Cesky to do so.), and an AOM (2014) in the three years he competed. Many of Hector’s show critiques have mentioned that he is very typey and an excellent representative of the breed, even at nearly 13. One of Hector’s most memorable Group placements came from Peter Green, respected terrier judge worldwide, who gave him a Group 2 behind the No. 1 Terrier, who went on to win Best in Show that day. Judge Green commented that he had not given another Cesky a Group placement anywhere in the world. 4. N/A. 5. Hector passes on his true-to-standard traits consistently to his offspring: proper size, proportion, bone, coat, magnificent heads, proper ear sets and correct toplines. While most of Hector’s offspring are still young here in the US, abroad, Hector’s oldest daughter Int./Bel./Cz./Dk./Lux. Ch. Ridley Pamatka ShCM, DKKV ‘11, KV ‘13, who shares her father’s birthday, will be 9 years old this year, proving that longevity and proper type continue to be strong factors in this line. BIS GCh. Bigwig’s Mack The fP&fƲFW'&W vW'3VF6RFVR6W'6RBVWF6V6V6BvVW&FFrVFW67BvFגFW"fr&VVfW'7FfRFRFRBVvƗ66VWFp'&VVBf"V'2גFVvFW"6W'6R267FfRFR7'BvFRv6G'VǒW2F2f֖ǐff"vRfRVVB6vrB'&VVFrV&W"`vFW&gV'&VVG2fW"FR6W'6Rb7B#RV'26VFrVvƗ66WGFW'2BfvVG27W'&VFǒvR&RfW'f7W6VBFRFW'&W"'&VVG26VFr&fƲFW'&W'2@v&RfFW'&W'2"vRvW&R&VBFfR6'&VB$2t6&wv~( 26FRfR#vFVWF6VBBFVR"ࠢ&6VBn62&V6&G2#RF&VvFV23#RࠣDu6$UdUr6Р