Dogs In Review Magazine October 2016 - Page 105

POINT/COUNTERPOINT TOPIC OF THE MONTH How do you feel about two shows at the same venue on the the same day? BREEDER-EXHIBITOR Cindy Cooke A dog club is a business, and none can survive a continuous loss of income. As entries continue to drop, clubs have to innovate in order to cover the increasing costs of show venues and the other expenses associated with hosting dog shows. Exhibitors, also faced with rising expenses, are definitely going to be attracted by the chance to double the number of points per day. Unfortunately, I think judges who only judge a small number of breeds or a single Group will be less likely to be hired by clubs offering two shows per day. On the other hand, doubling the number of assignments per day will make it easier for judges to complete the requirements to judge new breeds. Allowing two shows per day could be the only way that some small and struggling clubs will survive. PROFESSIONAL HANDLER David Fitzpatrick I have only experienced this with specialities, two in one day, and a specialty running concurrently with an all-breed show. Both can be difficult, yet I understand the factors that dictate offering these shows. I have yet to attend two all-breed shows in one day. Depending on the comfort of the venue, I might have a problem with dogs being exhibited a possible six times during the day in extreme weather. In some breeds, competing with them in extreme heat or cold could be considered cruel. However, as with most shows, we have the option to not compete. Common-sense decisions should prevail. JUDGE Elaine Lessig Having two shows at the same venue on the same day has great benefits for clubs, exhibitors and judges. This is particularly true for Group shows and specialty clubs, both working independently and, for specialty shows, concurrently with an all-breed show. It lowers costs, increases entries, provides more chances for cherished wins, and for judges to judge. Here is a success story worth sharing. Delaware Water Gap and Lehigh Valley share a three-day weekend in late December. The local Poodle club held two specialty shows on the same day as our Friday shows. With mutual cooperation and incentives, the Poodle club wisely decided to hold independent Saturday and Sunday specialties with us and supported entries on all three days too. With five opportunities to show, they have majors, fun, opinions from five different judges and money in the bank. It is a real win for the sport. DIR 102