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For grads: Best places to start career Congratulations to this year’s grads who have left academia just when the economy is booming, employers are hiring, and unemployment is historically low. The question is where to start the new career. A new study by WalletHub ranks 180 cities based on 27 metrics, including number of entry-level jobs, average salary, housing affordability, and friendliness to singles and families. At the top of the list with the overall best rank was Salt Lake City, Utah, with number one quality of life rank and a number three professional opportunities rank. Coming in second overall was Orlando, FL, ranking number one in professional opportunities and number six in quality of life. Rounding out the top 10, the next top cities in order are Atlanta, GA, Charleston, SC, Tempe, AZ, Austin, TX, Columbia, SC, Denver, CO, Raleigh, NC, and Grand Rapids, MI. Affordable housing considerations took California locations down on the list, with all but one of the least affordable cities located in California Recent graduates are hitting the job market at just the right time. (Oakland, Los Angeles, Glendale and San Francisco.) The lone non-California location ranked as least affordable was New York City. Meanwhile, Iowa ranked most affordable twice (Cedar Rapids and Des Moines), with other cities including Overland Park, KS, Sioux Falls, SD, and Garland, TX. Grads are most likely to be able to get jobs in Charleston, SC, Orlando, FL, Columbia, SC, Salt Lake City, UT, and Atlanta, GA. Cities with the least available entry-level jobs were Bridgeport, CT, Santa Clarita, CA, Garden Grove, CA, North Las Vegas, NV, and New York City. Client Testimonials “Highly recommend DNA Pro Cleaning and Restoration. They were professional, prompt and made my floors look beautiful again. They have knowledgeable technicians and state of the art equipment. It was refreshing to deal with such a reliable and professional business. They have already cleaned my carpet and refinished my hardwood floors. I will hire them again for my tile bathroom and tile floors. Great job DNA!” – Dale D. Lorton, VA “This team was amazing from start to finish. Their response time to our plumbing water damage was quick and the restoration work was done perfectly, also very timely. They were thorough and knowledgeable. We were very impressed with them and would not hesitate to recommend, and for sure we’d use them again.” – Danielle B. Arlington, VA The Good Life To see the full results, visit WalletHub.com. Electrical safety around swimming pools Everyone knows water and electricity don’t mix, but pool owners have a particular reason to be concerned. Moneywise Opening a custodial investment account for children In North Carolina, a 17-year-old lifeguard drowned in 2016 when a faulty grounding wire electrified a pool. The wiring had not been inspected for years. Built-in pool lights, pumps and wiring are engineered to guard against electrification of water. But these elements always require inspection and maintenance. Pool owners routinely have the local pool company replace and service pool lights, but it isn’t enough. Pool technicians might know how to work on electrical equipment but they are rarely certified electricians. Pool owners should hire a certified electrician to inspect the electrical systems on a dnaproclean.com Have your pool routinely inspected by a certified electrician. routine basis, according to University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Advanced Safety and Engineering Management. An energized body of water can cause anything from tingling of the skin to paralysis, cardiac arrest and electrocution. The extent of injuries depends on the level of current going through the water. Parents can open brokerage accounts for their children and get tax breaks, according to The Motley Fool. Custodial accounts are so named because they are opened in the name of the parent and will remain under their control until the child turns 18 or 21 (depending on the state) and assumes ownership. Other than the transfer of ownership, these brokerage accounts are the same as any other and investments can be made into any of the brokerage’s offerings. Any withdrawals or earnings from the account will be taxed at the child’s rate which is typically much lower than the household’s. Money can be pulled out to cover certain expenses that would benefit the child.