DList Magazine Summer "Nightlife" Issue 2015 - Page 59

“One of the biggest trends that we are seeing in design and lifestyle is the embracing of a craft whether it’s making a cocktail, forging iron for specialized design detail, or creating an album meant to be enjoyed in its entirety. Reynolds’ bar taps into this culture, providing a welcoming place where the clientele can really absorb the music, drinks, and food.” Special features are sprinkled around the bar, such as custom lighting as well as mid-century style screens to add character and a feeling of sophisticated eccentricity. The cocktails are all classic cocktails that you’d expect to find in a mid-century bar. The back bar was custom designed to prominently display the records and liquor, adding visual texture to the space while also providing an easy-to-use bar for the bartenders. The records are all played an entire side at a time, so you can listen to the whole story of the bar. Even visiting Djs are required to play from records – no CDs, or mp3s are used. www.DLISTMAGAZINE.com 59