DList Magazine Summer "Nightlife" Issue 2015 - Page 41

DA BECKONING DECIBEL BECKONING BEATS Interview by Centered Israel Photo by Daniel Hager With Pacific Northwest zeal and a Hawaiian sense of community Da Beckoning’s distinctive sound has begun to spread, as well as their contagious attitude. From a grand appearance at the Meltdown Festival to a tour in Washington and Hawaii, band members Decision Israel, Andon Hiltner, Taylor Cryder, and Walter O’toole have been busy innovating music described as a mix of folk, reggae, and anything inspirational. From easy listeners to energetic dancers this tight-knit band seeks to inspire a community that loves music and believes in having fun. How’s the adventure of creating a presence within the Seattle music scene and beyond? DA BECKONING: Being surrounded with the area’s musicians and making constant connections has made the step into the Seattle scene great. We’ve worked hard and have had a lot of people participating along the way. Everything seems to be lining up perfectly, because we believe in it. Debuting as Da Beckoning at Summer Meltdown last year was an incredible experience and we get to keep sharing our music with a growing community. Tell me about your inspiration to bring Andon, Taylor, and later on Walter together to form Da Beckoning. D: The inspiration comes from wanting to have a good time. It’s what brought us all together. Andon moved to Seattle from Hawaii because he believes in what we have to share and what we have to offer. Taylor was a part of our original three-piece group, Broken Femurs, and Walter and Andon have known each other for a long time. We collaborate and create as Da Beckoning, a group that we think can reach a lot of people in very positive ways. Through the creative process we often get to know people very well, from hours of practice, traveling, etc. How would you describe your group personality? D: Very fun and adventurous, we mesh very well because we’re all the same age and have drive. Our inspiration and interests are the same. We all love to hike and travel and just have a great time together. Being in a band is connecting on a personal level you have to understand each other as much as you can. What experience do you want to give people who see you perform live or listen to your music? D: We want everyone to have fun. We want everyone to smile just as much as we do. It’s addictive, contagious, and it’s what we strive for. We want to cause emotion, to make people feel something. What genre of music do you perform? D: We started as folk rocker and now have heavy www.DLISTMAGAZINE.com reggae influences. We lean towards reggae but want to be ourselves, as our own style. We have a lot of influences from past artists from all different genres, so we now are a unique blend. Do you pick favorites when it comes to your songs? D: The new ones are always my favorites, but “Baby Bump” is my personal favorite. It’s fun, and I wrote it when I found out I was becoming a father. We love to constantly play new songs to keep the energy going and to keep people singing and moving. What’s next for Da Beckoning? D: We are touring the West Coast this summer and teaming up with some awesome national tour acts. Planning some more tours for next year in the Midwest and East Coast. We also want to get back into the studio and start developing studio space of our own. I guess we have high aspirations but we love doing it. 41