DList Magazine Summer "Nightlife" Issue 2015 - Page 38

DECIBEL ANDREW JOSLYN What inspired you to become a musician? ANDREW JOSLYN: I’m really inspired by artists that have made a similar crossover from classical into contemporary or bands that incorporate classical elements, like Andrew Bird, Miracles of Modern Science, Arcade Fire, Ra Ra Riot, George Martin, Quincy Jones, or David Campbell. You’ve offered string arrangements to some of the region’s most well known artists; what is it about your composing style that translates to a crowd, especially to dance music or nightlife genre? AJ: When I write any orchestral elements for an artist, I work closely with them to make sure anything that I supply complements their music. Whenever you introduce strings/horns into a song, it will inevitably influence it in a certain way, making it sadder, more aggressive or cinematic, etc. It is important to really make sure it fits contextually or it can sound out-of-place. Anytime I work in EDM, dance, and pop tracks, I make sure that what I write is rhythmic and drivi