DList Magazine Summer "Nightlife" Issue 2015 - Page 37

SEVEN LIONS DECIBEL Live phot o by Tyle r Hill SHORT LIST HEAR HIM ROAR First band gig: I think it was a high school talent show.  Name of band: Bullet to the Moon First DJ gig: Illegal party out in the woods in California. There were maybe like 30 people and I was incredibly nervous. My favorite collaboration thus far: Kerli, she was really easy to work with and really creative. Some vocalists take a few times to get it right, but she’s always nailed it.  Favorite city you’ve played in besides Seattle: San Diego One festival you want to play in: Everyone talks about Coachella and that it’s really awesome. It wasn’t really on my radar before but now I’m interested and some international stuff. I just really want to travel internationally because it’s always fun going to a different country going to the bar to hang out and meeting people. One thing you did in Seattle other than play: Last time we were there we went to Pyramid Brewing and Tap house. Coming up in the future: We are doing a remix EP that will be announced later this year. Interview by Charity Mainville Photo by Dove Shore Your music career started with a metal punk band, but you branched out on your own and transition into EDM production, why EDM instead of composing metal and rock music? SEVEN LIONS: Basically because when you are in a band you have to rely on other people. In high school people aren’t really into music, but I just wanted to be all by myself and spend more time on it. I remember a lot of times when I was the drummer in a band, I would be waiting for the bass guitarist, lead guitarist and singer to show up and thought, “Wow, I wish I could do this myself.” EDM was close enough to making full pieces of music the way I wanted them without having to rely on anyone else. produce a wide variety of music. I think I even go a little further than that which makes it kind of hard but also interesting. Sometimes it’s like a balance of pleasing both sides and being like I don’t really care and just doing whatever I want. I like all kinds of music so I like making all different kinds of music. Is there a specific genre that influences the beat? SL: It’s like trance – that’s what really got me into it. I have a lot of trance elements, earlier stuff like the 2000’s trance and songs that aren’t [trance] at all. I read Seven Lions came from a book you had read, Latro In the Mist, what made you choose it? SL: There was a ton of cool characters in that book and that time I was really into Gene Wolf. I wanted something different, saw that name and thought it was really just really cool so decided to make it that. EDM has multiple sub-genres, a lot of music producers focus only on a beat verses incorporating lyrics – what impact or difference do you feel lyrics make being apart of a track? SL: I think the vocals make them really memorable. In ten years it will still be something people will want to listen to. There’s some more beat driven stuff like that but for me I’ve always been about good song writing and timeless music. You have worked and supported by multiple renowned DJs, what is it about your production style that draws different EDM genres to you? What do you think makes you stand out? SL: I think most of the newer producers today generally Your tracks have some powerful lyrics along with your produced beats; do assist in the lyric writing? SL: I just do the instrumental part. When I work with someone I kind of give them a guideline of what I think. I want to stay away from anything that has to do with www.DLISTMAGAZINE.com modern times and dance party music like “put your hands up” stuff. Other than that I let them have free range. Then they will send it back to me and we will go from there. I’m not a lyricist at all – not even a little bit. Your latest album, The Throes Of Winter, gives an underlying message of a relationship ending and emotions that tie in with it; is it related to a personal experience? SL: I think it was the tone of the songs that took the writing more in that direction. They are melancholy songs with the instrumentals by themselves. So I think it was the vocalists picking up on that and going from there because they are really sad songs except than “Lose Myself.” You were recently in Seattle for the Lucky Festival, how was the experience or the response from the fans different from playing in other cities? SL: Lucky was my favorite festival this year. It was absolutely insane. At some festivals people are really freaking out, but Seattle was like 110% maxed out. I played at the Gorge last year so that was also really epic. But Seattle has always been really good; I love playing there. 37