DList Magazine Summer "Nightlife" Issue 2015 - Page 19

KING'S HARDWARE DRINK King's Whiskey Smash The ever popular “smash” is something you may start to see popping up on summer cocktail menus. Many are a play off the julep but each also includes a variety of seasonal fruit muddled generously at the bottom. King’s uses sweet, juicy blackberry – a surprisingly textbook companion to the dry spice of rye with crushed ice and a sprinkling of mint sprigs straight from the garden. Avocado Margarita Everything you love in a mason jar with salt and a straw. The tequila is house infused with plenty of spice and then mellowed out accordingly with the puree of creamy avocado. Finished with a hefty squeeze of lime and a liberal dusting of neon cilantro, then a drizzle of agave… ¡Ay, caramba! New to the summer cocktail menu, this one is a must. Zombie (bottled cocktail) Midtown Mule A King’s spin on this hugely popular cocktail is the use of gin instead of vodka. It’s muddled with cucumber and lime, which is so fitting that you might wonder if the traditional Mule might need reinventing. Aptly, Kings uses Rachel’s Ginger Beer – because if there’s going to be ginger beer this local variety is the very best. The last gilded note is a touch of cardamom bitters. Fernet ‘N Stormy Dark and stormy in this city? Never. This clever twist on the beach clad rum drink is what you might recognize as a “bartenders drink.” At the top of its class as a digestif, Fernet-Branca is sworn to cure hangovers and make you look cooler. In this version, you won’t even have to try. As you sip on the combination of FernetBranca, Regatta Ginger Beer and lime well into the night, it will still be your day in the sun. Otter Pops (frozen nostalgia) Quintessential summer. Sweet icy Bottled cocktails have a certain alcohol imbued delicacies that appeal and King’s knows how many have tried to recreate and to do them right. The Zombie few have perfected. After a few uses four types of rum and rounds of trial and error King’s got four different juices however revealing all its details would ruin it figured out for us. Now, you can bathe in the sun and nostalgia with the mystery. With brown sugar your choice of red or blue. For red and simple syrup the effect is expect cherry vodka and for blue, reminiscent of a classic Mai Tai. It is made 100% in house and packs ginger, lemonade and whiskey… intoxicating and patriotic. a punch. www.DLISTMAGAZINE.com 19