DList Magazine Summer "Nightlife" Issue 2015 - Page 13

PINTXO DINE Sardine Toast This classic Mediterranean fare has a long-standing reputation as “worker’s food.” Pintxo’s version melts in your mouth and makes it easy to see why some European countries eat sardine toast for breakfast, lunch and dinner. These sardines are seasoned with the welcomed zest of preserved lemon salt and laid delicately on a dollop of creamy Paprika Pepper Aioli over a fresh cut baguette. Add the fried lemon slice and soak up the taste of summer. Arctic Char Pan seared with a thin skin, the arctic char is a delicacy even on its own. The luxurious cut manages balance with ease, tasting slightly sweet and mild. It falls apart into the more acidic endive emulsion and the pea caviar contributes a delectable pop of color. While the char is obviously the star here, the fried leaks make the dish complete. www.DLISTMAGAZINE.com Mussels The Pacific Northwest is no stranger to mussels and the bar is set high. These steamed mussels wade in a bath of Spanish Cider and white wine, and then get tossed with savory nettle emulsion. Prepared just right, each succulent morsel rests delicately in its shell marinating in the dream worthy sauce. Relish in the surprising delight of the pickled fiddlehead ferns – each coil adds a welcomed effervescent crunch to the plate and freshness on the palate. It’s all topped with the inventive touch of fluorescent fried nettles. 13