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What sets you guys apart from all the other bands out there? Dmitriy: We are very serious about creative and music work. Probably more serious than any other band from the region where we live. And regard to our creative process, we want to bring a fairytale to metal and rock music. Vadim: We combine several styles in our music. We mix heavy metal with Celtic motives and add rhythms of the disco music of the 80th. Such mix of Accept and C.C.Catch =) It turns out pretty funny! What is the craziest thing that has ever happened to you at a show? Dmitriy: Playing as a support band of the one well-known Russian power metal band we provoked our muscular guitarist to strip to the waist and to put a cowboy hat on. After that the headliner's front man did the same thing during his set although initially he wasn't going to do it. It was funny for us. Vadim: And also there was a story when we were playing at one music fest at 4 AM in the big field in front of empty stands and technical staff who impertinently carried off equipment from the scene. It happened because we played the last and so we closed the fest. Amazingly, but thanks to it, we received the best comments from the journalist. He expressed us respect for patience and endurance.