DJ REM STUDIOS Webzine - Page 6

What are your goals for the future? in 2 years? Where do you hope to be vadim: We set before ourselves the most courageous goals. We intend to enter the wide musical market, to achieve the international recognition. To rise in one row with other stars of the western rock scene. In two years we hope to be a strong and skilled band known in the Western world of music. What recording studio do you use? Dmitriy: We use our own studio and the studio of our friends "Overwind" If i grabbed your Ipod or MP3 player from you, what would i find you listening to right now? Dmitriy: Faun, Black Coffee, Nightwish, Estate Vadim: Chaikovskiy, Sandra, The Beach Boys, Paula Abdul and Spice Girls :)) Yes, I'm not lying! How would you define "success" for the band? Dmitriy: To have many fans in different countries during 30 years. Vadim: The worldwide success and nothing else. What do you guys do to relax? Dmitriy: Playing piano, reading at the kitchen, watching Harry Potter-4 and taking long trips by my jeep. Vadim: Music, books, bicycle, nature