DJ REM STUDIOS Webzine - Page 5

Who did you get your musical talent from? Dmitriy: First of all my talent is from my parents and also from all musicians to whom I contacted in my life. Vadim: Probably my talent is from my grandfather. =) Actually, I am a self-educated person. Though as well as in a case of Dmitry I was influenced by other musicians. Sometimes Dmitriy helps me as he is more competent musician than I. How did you come up with the name of the band? Dmitriy: Of course we chose the name that has not been used by other bands. The band's name has to reflect unity of our views, has to consist of one sonorous word and not to be stupid. Vadim: Initially, our idea was to come up with a name that sounded laconically, beautiful and easy to remember. We have considered many names, but finally settled on this. We immediately liked it and we accepted it. Where can people find out more about the band? Dmitriy: I think, on the Internet and on radio stations first of all. Vadim: You can also visit our web-site. There is a lot of different information.