DJ REM STUDIOS Webzine - Page 4

Where do you guys practice at? Vadim: We have a well-equipped garage where we rehearse. What got you into music, and what are your influences? Dmitriy: A desire to live my life at rock stage and to make a lot of cool music. My influences: Blind Guardian, Helloween, Enya, Enigma, Scorpions. Vadim: I Love music and I wish to live an interesting, eventful life - full of adventures. And what could be better than life of a rock musician? :) It's concerts, traveling around the world, meeting interesting people, unusual situations experienced with friends. My most influences are Helloween and Scorpions. They're my strongest motivators. Listening to their music and watching their videos, I wish to reach the heights not less than they reached. They always make me move forward. Also I have many other influences: FIREHOUSE, DANGER DANGER, WARRANT, LITA FORD, EUROPE, SKID ROW and GAMMA RAY What sacrifices have you had to make to do what you love? Dmitriy: I ready for almost any sacrifice not concerned with health and welfare of my family. Vadim: We're constantly sacrificing something. At the moment for me it's my private life. I have no time for it. And my first sacrifice was moving from my native city to completely unknown city for the further promotion. I had to sacrifice my home, parents and friends.