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Please introduce yourself and the other members of the band, and what their spot is in the band. Hello! Here we are, Dmitriy (vocals/keys) and Vadim (bass). Another bandsmen - Andrey (guitar) and Dmitriy (drums) How long have you guys been together? Vadim: We have formed recently - in early 2012. But our current lineup was formed only 4 months ago. What was the creative spark that pushed you to form the band? Vadim: The old dream of childhood pushed me and Dmitriy to form the band. It was time when we listened to our favourite musicians and dreamed, just as they are, to achieve the world recognition, touring and playing at the big stage. How often are you guys able to get together and practice? Vadim: Very often. Not less than twice a week. Usually 3-4 times a week.