DivKid's Month Of Modular Issue #9 June 2016 - Page 9

Modular Jam #33 came about when I

first got my Beatstep Pro. It's a fairly

basic patch using the Beatstep Pro

as a swung clock source for the Audio

Damage Sequencer 1 that's locked to

the drum triggering. Hit play or click


From the fourth episode of Modular

Podcast here's a patch example called

"Random Spaces" which was set to

demonstrate how a reverb can choose

the pitches sequenced through a

quantizer in a patch. Sounds a bit

farfetched but it was a really fun patch

and full notes are in the description.

Again hit play or click HERE.

Finally here's one of the videos from

Superbooth showing some new modules

that I'm still looking forward to. Julian

from Sonic Portions took us through his

new modules and that new Reverb

Delay is still stuck in my mind! Check

it out HERE or hit play.

As always head to

youtube.com/divkidvideo videos from me.

Getting to know people is always good and getting to know people who have new products or music coming out is always good too. Only briefly had I spoken to Joseph Fraioli before but more recently we've been talking about his new album as "Datach'i" called "System". You can pre-order for various formats on

Bandcamp HERE or through the Planet Mu website HERE. You may also know Joseph as Jafbox Sound which is an award winning sound design company. Check out the website it's full of all sorts to check out. Excitingly for modular users (or wannabe modular users looking to get into it) pre-orders are entered into a competition partnered with TipTop Audio to win an oscillator and starter case/power set. Check out the quotes below from the press information and read ahead for an interview discussing general approaches to music with modular and some track specific things (huge thanks to the team for giving me a sneak peak) to 'whet your appetite' prior to the release on August 19th.