DivKid's Month Of Modular Issue #9 June 2016 - Page 8

Coming very soon will be the fifth episode of the monthly series from Modular Podcast and the topic will be Filters. We've recorded the show already and had the pleasure of two guests! Tyler from WMD and Cory "Red Stripe Down". We've also got lots of patch examples that we discuss that show off various patches and ideas with filtering. Watch out for that one either on the website - modularpodcast.com - or on my YouTube channel - youtube.com/divkidvideo. But ... onto the stuff you can have RIGHT NOW! The three of us from Modular Podcast (me, Greg and Matthew in case you didn't know) had a great time talking to none other than Richard Devine as the second episode in our "MP Interviews" series. It's a long one but if you're logged in YouTube keeps a tab of how far into videos you get. There's also an audio version for download as well. Click HERE for the Richard Devine video or hit play and click HERE for the audio version which is also up for a download.

Just a few videos to share with you. First up the new AJH Synth module (the MiniMod range is stunning, as is this) "Ring SM" which is a Ring Modulator (with X Y AND Z inputs, 3 not the usual 2 ... this is cool!) Sub Octave generator and Moog CP3 based mixer circuit. Not a full overview video but a patch video showing off some of the sounds. Hit play or click HERE.