DivKid's Month Of Modular Issue #9 June 2016 - Page 6

I did this because one day I realised that I didn't have any T-shirts that expressed my love and passion for synthesisers and music technology. I searched online and found only a few options available from the larger synth companies, and some dodgy looking ones on eBay. So, with an uncompromising eye for quality and zero tolerance for any abuse of workers, I began working towards finding a way to print great synth-related artwork on some top quality T-shirts.

It turns out this is not as easy as it sounds, It took months of research to find the right process, there were a lot of rejects that didn't make the grade. So you can imagine I was delighted when all the problems were solved and it was finally

possible to produce a T-shirt and print that met the very high standards I hoped to achieve.

Using the very latest in print technology for stunning, full-colour, long-lasting prints that do not crack or peel off, the ink is actually pushed into the the fabric of some of the very best quality T-shirts available on the market today. I am so

confident in the quality of these T-shirts there is a full 12 month guarantee as long as the washing instructions are followed.

It is a total pleasure and a great honour to work with some of the most inspiring artists and music technology designers/manufacturers in the world today to make these T-shirts a reality. It's a win-win situation for everyone; music technology lovers everywhere can finally wear some great T-shirts and companies get free marketing/publicity and a commission on all sales helping support their work. There are more designs coming soon.

All the designs are from the synth manufacturers and associated artists including, Endorphin.es, Birdkids, 4MS, Vermona, Erica Synths, Paper Noise, Hexinverter, Rebel Technology, DivKid, Modular Podcast, etc and may be found at