DivKid's Month Of Modular Issue #9 June 2016 - Page 5

Those in-tune with what I've been talking about across this magazine and online will have no doubt seen me mention the SynthPatcher T shirts ... mainly because they feature a DivKid T shirt and also a Modular Podcast T shirt. We did a give away with Modular Podcast and will no doubt do some more giveaways in the future too. The other reason for sharing is because I've got to know Steve

Richardson behind SynthPatcher over this past year which has been great, we speak a few times a week about all things synths and more. Check out the

pictures around this text and below is a personal message from Steve about how these T shirts came about. He's made a quirky video to show off the new stuff too!

My name is Steve Richardson (AKA Baddcr on Muffwiggler and elsewhere) and I am the founder and manager of the SynthPatcher website. Over the last year I have worked hard to finally be able to present this range of officially authorised, top quality, 'Fair Wear' synth T-shirts that are available for immediate

purchase from the recently launched and world's first dedicated synth T-shirt shop. http://synthpatcher.com/t-shirts/