DivKid's Month Of Modular Issue #9 June 2016 - Page 4

Manufacturing) have brought us a new filter based on the 1970s Korg Traveler circuit called 'VCF-74'. The module is out now and there's already a few videos direct from the company. Hit play on the video or click HERE to check them all out.

Finally (this is clever) I'd like to share the new CV4LIVE device from

SKINNERBOX. This Max for Live device lets you use your soundcards audio inputs (DC coupled or otherwise, which is needed for things like Silent Way / Expert Sleepers use) to record CV. By using an oscillator as the input to the soundcard then applying your envelopes to the pitch of your oscillator it tracks the changing pitch in the audio and let's you use that as CV around your system ... ace! It opens up a lot of potential integration for people and it's FREE. Click HERE to head to the website and click HERE for a video demo.

My latest work with Future Music magazine to surface publicly is a new video on the HackMe Vectr. The video has a quick demo, then goes over functions with some patching and then the menu structure and extra features too. Click HERE to see the video or click play in the magazine.