DivKid's Month Of Modular Issue #9 June 2016 - Page 3

For this month's news I'll start with something that was actually

from last month that I haven't covered (just updated myself) yet.

One of Eurorack's most useful modules the ADE-32 Octocontroller

from Abstract Data has now got even more useful! With the new

1.1 firmware you can work with different external clock PPQNs

(pulses per quarter note) from 1, 4 or 24. Alongside that you get

an internal clock and external clock mode and now the external

clock mode will stop when your external clock source does. You

can also mute channels, change gate lengths further and more.

My Octocontroller has had a lot of use on the original firmware

and the new firmware after just updating recently is also working

great. Here's the Muff Wiggler thread and official website.

As a final "thing" from "around the web" here's a video of Andrew Pekler with a 50 minute performance with only a 6U modular, OP-1 and a Mixer (there's two other units, one looks like a pedal). The performance moves between more organic and natural textures, a tour through sewer like sounds, spacey sci fi synths and more. It's worth checking out so click HERE or hit play on the video.

Peter Grenader is back in

business with new modules

under the new EAR

(Electro-Acoustic Research)

which are manufactured by

Darkplace (Malekko, Sputnik,

4ms, Moffenzeef etc). The first

module release is the Model 41

Steiner 4p Filter. HERE's the

module on the new Ear website,

HERE's an overview video from Thighpaulsandra and finally hit play on the video or click HERE for the SynthSummitShow from Ken Flux 302 which features Peter Grenader. The SynthSummitShow is great going through history, stories, past and present. It's well worth a watch for anyone interested in what Plan B was, how it ended, a bit of synth history and more.

New company Vintage Synth Lab (also under the roof of Darkplace