DivKid's Month Of Modular Issue #9 June 2016 - Page 2

Once upon a time somewhere around the end of June 2016 LEDs were blinking and filters sweeping ... ok I can't write children's stories about modular synths but I have put together June's magazine from me so you'll have to live with that! As usual there's a few things from around the web that although unrelated in some ways might be of interest, general news, an interview, my module of the month and more! Everything underlined is a link so click away.

I like sharing general thoughts and experiences

with a "module of the month" especially if it's

something useful that's maybe not getting all the

limelight it deserves. This month I'd like to share

my favourite envelope the Multimode Envelope

from WMD. It does so much and with the expander

is a hive of all fun things envelope related. We

spoke about this module on the second episode of Modular Podcast (click HERE to check that out) and WMD have their own video demo HERE.

Are you a fan of Moby? Curious about the scene around New York in the 1990s? Then this new documentary 'Porcelain' from Moby is worth a watch. It's short and accompanies a book Moby either has or is releasing. Click HERE for the video or hit play on the embedded video.

That silly old Aphex Twin, at it again with his

mind games! Joking aside (long time listener of

Aphex Twin since my guitar teacher as a young

teen put me onto it) he's got some new stuff

coming out that at first seemed to read like it

could be some hardware or software or music ...

Put simply it wasn't clear. Clouds have parted

and it's now clear that the new Aphex Twin

'thing' is a new EP called Cheetah. You can

pre-order cassette, CD, download, vinyl etc by

clicking HERE. Warp and Aphex Twin have

released the first video from the tracks on the

EP which was left to a child (no idea who's kid

this is) to direct the video which you can play right here in the magazine or click HERE. The EP is said to be inspired by the Cheetah MS80 which "is considered to be one of the most annoyingly complicated instruments on the planet" (quote from electronicbeats.net HERE) and as a final link there's an interview with a 20 years Richard D James (Mr. Aphex Twin) in which I presume he talks about the Cheetah. For the interview click HERE.