DivKid's Month Of Modular Issue #9 June 2016 - Page 14

On track 7 'Omni 2' as the track plays out it's final peak and wind down there's a hint of a speak and spell or some primitive vocal synthesis sounds. Firstly, am I right in that's what I'm hearing? And second if it is, what module or piece of equipment was that? I'm a sucker for those retro vocal synth sounds!

haha! Me too. That’s MI braids in Meta mode with internal tong env and external maths env for extra control. Both of those modules are being modulated by the Macro Machines OMNI.

How much interaction do you have with your patches for the album once set up? From your videos we often see you set something going and then little interaction beyond that.

My patches for tracks usually start out pretty complex with a lot more patch points then what I do in the videos. I typically go through a process of evaluation of what’s necessary and then re-patch more efficiently and/or simplify based on what aspects of the track I want to perform and which I prefer to be automated. Mostly I do a lot of control with the Circadian Rhythms in terms of performance but also will switch parts with the WMD SSM, or even play melodic lines on the Pressure Points in real time and of course various filter and modulation tweaks :)

There are some intense and sporadic rhythmic moments across the album with fills, flurries, gestures and stutter style effects changing amongst what I imagine are set sequenced rhythms. However beats 2 and 4 seemed to pinned down on some sort of snare, clap or glitchy synth percussion sound throughout. Is that an effort to keep a steady sense of time? Do you feel that having a simple and more static element allows you to be more free with the other rhythmic layers?

YES and YES :) I love keeping the funk in the beats by having somewhat

consistent 2s and 4s and then manually performing the various features of the Tiptop Circadian Rhythms in a way that allows me to be expressive with the beats and sequences.