DivKid's Month Of Modular Issue #9 June 2016 - Page 13

As part of Modular Podcast I recently interviews Richard Devine talking about his use and processes with regards to modular synthesis. I asked him "Looking at a blank set up with no cables patched, what would be the first cable you plug in?" Richard's answer was that it's always different, experimenting and trying new things. I'm sure you experiment in the same way but some of us do tend to have habits when working towards certain goals so I'll put the same question to you. Looking at a blank set up with nothing patched what would be the first thing you patch?

More often then not, a patch (or track) starts with a question “ I wonder what happens if I do this……” so its always changing. Though making so many patches/tracks now I know if I want to achieve a certain style of sound design or music I can patch it up pretty quickly but try not to do that and continue

exploration with each new piece.

The harmony choices and chord voicings used are often dark and ominous

providing a definite "vibe" or "feel" through the album. Are they conscious

pre-defined efforts to work with that harmony or does the equipment influence that sound and style in anyway?

I do everything by feel alone. Basically just know when the sounds and

sequences are feeling right and then I build off of that. I’d say the design of sounds that feel right can influence the sequences greatly though. Like I love how 24db slope LPF on detuned saws sound. So warm and intimate which can inspire the feel of the melodic sequence.

You've a sizeable eurorack system that I imagine many of the readers have seen in your videos, is that a set system in anyway? To expand on that do you feel either all of or certain parts of your system do everything you want to when making music on that system?

I rarely use the entire setup for a track, in fact I don’t think I ever have. The variety and largess of my system is greatly there for my work as a post production sound designer so ill have multiple paths to choose from given a clients needs. The system itself is not set up with any logic. I prefer it to be all over the place, sometimes ill move modules around so the workflow feels a little different, while this is a really simple change, it can really inspire you because you wind up interacting with the system a bit differently and certain modules you’ve had for a while can feel new again just based on their location..