DivKid's Month Of Modular Issue #15 December 2016 - Page 9

That’s all I have time for this month. In January we’ll cap off this series with a rather complicated example of a Melody Machine, driving two separate synth voices for what could almost be considered a song all by itself. Happy holidays!

Dumbledog is just some guy who isn’t much for techno but instead has a thing for quieter, Berlin School-type sequences like Perge, as well as more abstract, ambient stuff a la Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith. He has one short, “recorded-in-a-month” album on Bandcamp (https://dumbledog.bandcamp.com) with another on the way, but it won’t be this year. Your best bet for contacting him is via Private Message on Muff Wigglers.


Here's a few videos from this month including a couple of awesome modules and an event photo slideshow. First up is the Chaos Divider from Tysklon Labs and if you want one of these you'll have to act fast and go direct as there's not many left. There's two videos, the first HERE which was a simple jam making some beats and the second HERE a full overview of the module.

Back at the start of Summer the second EuroCraic event was held and while I didn't get any videos at the event I did grab a few photos. So HERE they are for you to check out.

Finally here's the Kamieniec from XAOC Devices. It's a phaser module that simple sounds fantastic! It makes for a nice little noise machine when self patched and feeding back into itself too. Click HERE or hit play.