DivKid's Month Of Modular Issue #15 December 2016 - Page 4

First there's a dual LFO and VCA allowing you to patch up the delayed/fading vibrato style keyboard FX nicely or you can get creative with some amplitude modulation from one LFO to the other. Second is a new complex envelope generator which like the MiniMod envelopes are based on the Model D. It's an expanded DH-ADSR envelope. Third is a CV mixer / offset / VCA combo useful for controlling voltages around a system. Fourth is a variable scale precision buffer, which unlike buffered multiples has a trimpot to vary / calibrate the signals to suit various destinations (super useful for those with something like a Mother-32 that has known issues). Finally there's a simple switch and passive multiple. The switches bring forward the gain jumpers from the MiniMod Fitler and VCA and the passive multiple seems like a useful way to use up the space. I'm looking forward to trying these out with my other

AJH modules in the future.

The next London based

modular event "CV Freqs"

is happening on Saturday

the 21st of January 2017.

It's at the iklectik Art

Gallery Cafe which is a

cozy spot hidden away in

central London. This will be

the fifth event from CV

Freqs and this one features

a modular meet from

2pm-6.30pm followed by

performances from 7pm to

10pm from UKAEA,

Wisdom Water,

Head[Space], Richard Quirk

(who I very much enjoyed

at Ross Lamond's Bells N

Whistles Crackles N Pops

back in November),

VCOADSR (always killer!) and a back to back drum and bass modular set from Piper and Eden Grey. It all looks set to be good fun. Check out information on the event page by clicking HERE and if you're mega keen have a search around social media too.

KOMA Elektronik have a kickstarter on the go for their new Field Kit. It's a standalone unit (although euro panel is available) that features a radio, various inputs / control outputs for contact mics, instruments, solenoids, motors

along with an LFO, and mixer all put

together into a nice package for field

recording, sound gathering and creation.

Within a day they'd absolutely smashed

their funding goals. Head to the Kickstart

page HERE and go back it before you miss

out. Adding in the expansion pack with mics

/ motors etc you're up for some sonic

adventures (not the Sega game) I'm sure.