DivKid's Month Of Modular Issue #15 December 2016 - Page 2


... whoops! That's pirate not Santa. Let's start over. Ho ho ho Merrrrrrry DivMas! May your Christmas by DivKid filled and your new year full of Yorkshire accented videos with plenty of modular. We've got another packed issue with a new Christmas song that no doubt features the largest amount of modular you'll see in any Christmas video, new module announcements, news an interview with Vaclav head honcho at BASTL Instruments and as always plenty of video action. Get stuck and click anything underlined as it's a link.



I've used this month's module of the month LOADS and I keep recommending it to people and that module is the AJH Synth Ring SM. It's a 5 channel CP3 based mixer with two sub generators that shape the wave depending on the pitch/frequency and there's also a three way (cough cough not that kind) XYZ Ring Mod. You can input one wave and leave with a massive four octave spread. Double the frequency with the Ring Mod for one octave up then the -1 octave sub and -2 octave sub all added to the base frequency. Clipping those out on the mixer provides a huge sound ready for giving your speakers a kicking or for further shaping. Check out a few patches with it in a video HERE.


Vox.com posted a new video showing the new IMAX trailer "The Mummy" which is a new Tom Cruise led re-make of the 1999 film. However it features a mega rookie error in the audio world as there's an error in the audio. No doubt a mute/solo issue in the edit and a case of not listening to the exports before sending them (always listen, it's worth the time to save mistakes like this). Anyway, I'm not really telling you what it is so here's a quote "Like a perfect smile that’s lost some teeth, the trailer appears to be missing crucial chunks of its audio, leading to weird, cackle-inducing silences and moments where you have actors’ vocals but no other sounds." Head to the website HERE and watch the video. It's pretty funny.