DivKid's Month Of Modular Issue #13 October 2016 - Page 9


Some 7 years ago I decided to make an electronics DIY constructor for

my son. It basically was a modular constructor consisting of small boxes,

each hosting some component (LED, potentiometer, for example), that

were interconnected via patch cables to make electronic circuits. When I

had some 20 different boxes developed, I searched the internet for schematics

of “something that makes sound”, and come across Music From Outer Space… In next three-four years I built virtually all DIY projects in all possible formats (my monster rack had both +-12V and +-15V rails) that were available online. But the eurorack boom hadn’t begun, yet.

- The company started with models of the Soviet Polivoks synths. What was the

connection to that sound?

It was more to do with the availability of original components. I just decided to make

rack-mount Polivoks clone with a midi implementation. I found schematics and PCB

drawings online, redrew PCBs, etched them at home, and actually made the synth. But before that I built the Polivoks VCF DIY kit, I ordered somewhere, and it was developed around western analogues of programmable opamps that were used in the original

Polivoks. And it didn’t sound nearly as good, as my VCF. So, I decided to make my first DIY kit to offer it on Muffwiggler. And honestly, I do not give a f**k about that soviet heritage. That was pure nightmare.

- You started with and since

have made plenty of DIY kits,

PCBs & panels available. Is the

DIY something you will focus

on in the future too?

Honestly, with launch of first modules from Black series focus has shifted to factory built eurorack modules. But, as I feel nostalgic about DIY, we definitely will continue offering DIY kits and will develop some more in future.

- How did you manage to create such a

wide range of modules so quickly? And

not just cheap modules that people only

keep for a while. You've a large range of

very strong modules, Polivoks, Black

Series, Fusion Series how did it all


Like many eurorack companies, Erica

Synths started in my bedroom (literary),

where I had soldering station, did all

packaging for sending first orders, etc.