DivKid's Month Of Modular Issue #13 October 2016 - Page 7


Not one but two videos from me to delight your senses with Future Music magazine this month! First is the awesome Loquelic Iteritas from Noise engineering. Which is a stunning bit of kit. I like a lot of gear, but I'm also very honest about it in the videos and things I write online. The Loquelic is definitely up there as one of my favourite oscillators. Forget analogue and digital debate and just start twisting knobs. Folding, morphing, harmonic dampening, Summation Synthesis, phase modulation there's loads to go at! The video is very much a 'sonic exploration' with the oscillator so grab a brew and join me for adventure time ... no not the kids come stoner cartoon show!

The second video is with what for me is the king of smooth

wavetable morphing. The Synthesis Technology E350

Morphing Terrarium. It was my first,

taking my innocent wavetable virginity

at the time and like a first teenage

love story I'll never forget the charm

of the E350. Nor will I be letting it

go, cradling it and kissing it

goodnight after a bedtime story ...

Ok, I get carried away with stupidity

(feel free to start sending hate mail, I

don't have any haters yet so by internet

measurements I'm not successful yet) but honestly the E350 is gorgeous. The waveform

selection and quality of the morphing is great. So here's another exploratory video looking at the wavetables, basic modulation and also with the E350s snuggle buddy the E355 Dual Morphing LFO.


Always a pleasure to get people together to talk about modular and an interest topic for this month's show with a nice mixed panel. Robin Rimbaud "Scanner", Radek Rudnicki "RPE Duo", Logan Erickson "Low-Gain Electronics" join me, Greg Gibbons and Matthew Shaw to chat about "Performing with Modular". It's a question that comes up a fair bit and we thought an interesting topic to talk about. Matthew having just performed in Canada and Radek, Robin and Logan are seasoned modular performers.