DivKid's Month Of Modular Issue #13 October 2016 - Page 6


For something more on the soothing side or aural delights here's a patch from Kaitlyn

Aurelia Smith with the Make Noise Tempi, 4ms SMR and plenty more. Click HERE.

Ever wanted to experience what is no doubt a huge sonic onslaught? Well Modular Podcast's Matthew Shaw (Lord VCO / king of drone himself) pointed me in the

direction of Sunn O))) recently and judging from the videos this would be immense sonic wall of sound to experience. Some of you may be well aware of Sunn O))) and I'm playing catch up but for those that don't know the band they're a

super slow intense guitar outfit with huge metal like distorted guitar playing with feedback and huge drones. Reports are the concerts are very loud. So crank it up and check them out on Boiler Room HERE.

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As the magazine expands it would be really cool for it to provide a platform for other people to contribute. So here's your chance! If you want write something, anything at all modular related get in touch. Reviews, thoughts, patch tips, ideas anything at all related to modular. It can be a one off, regular or semi regular thing. You'll of course be credited and it would just be cool to get others involved.