DivKid's Month Of Modular Issue #13 October 2016 - Page 4



New company Special Stage Systems have

released their first module the Oscillographic

Block. To be honest I had no idea what this

was when I first saw it. Then I looked into a

little bit and still was none the wiser. However

checking it out properly, watching the videos and reading the Muff Wiggler threads I can tell you it’s a SID chip based voice / drum synth in a box style module with sequencing,

modulation, oscillators etc. It looks like a mega retro game sound design machine. If you’re into those sounds check out the demos HERE.


The first thing I wanted to share "from around the web" is this modular video from Rex The Dog. Greg from Modular Podcast pointed this one out and we see Rex , Rexy baby, Tex Mex Rex, Rexys Midnight Runners (insert your own affectionate crappy nickname) playing his modular with a joystick controlled melody, some custom modular and there's plenty of those lovely blippy percussive riffs to keep me smiling! Click HERE or hit play on the video.

While we're talking about the D, O single G here's a video from last year with more modular action. Link HERE.