DivKid's Month Of Modular Issue #13 October 2016 - Page 3


What a month for news, a big US political debate, hurricanes ... sorry wrong job, I secretly want to be your breakfast news anchor or weatherman ...


Sarma is a new module from XAOC Devices which is a four channel utility with offsets, inversion, attenuation and a minimum and maximum output section. It looks like a great way to create new and interesting modulation from say the Batumi quad LFO module. Check out the Batumi in my video HERE and like the other XAOC Devices modules watch out for the module coming soon.

There’s also the new Belgrad. Which has a unique dual

peak state variable filter with 10 distinct frequency

responses that mix dual low pass, band pass and high

pass and so on. It’s two filters with a shared cut off,

howeveryou can control the span (difference in the two

filter’s frequencies) and resonance per filter individually.

Creating unique and interested filter combinations. I’m

excited to check this one out. According to Muff Wiggler

threads it’s coming soon.

There’s also the announcement that the previously

announced (prototype at MusikMesse 2015) Kamieniec module is coming. It’s a 4/6 stage phaser which is inspired by classic 1970s

circuits, which makes me think of things like the EHX Small Stone pedal. There’s an onboard LFO and CV inputs which you can mix for more

complex modulation of the phaser cut off. There’s also two feedback modes. I love a bit of phasing so like the other modules I’m very much looking forward to it.