DivKid's Month Of Modular Issue #13 October 2016 - Page 11


We become good friends, and developed first versions of Fusion modules. Unfortunately, Aivars passed away this January. R.I.P.

With Fusion V2 we have way more experience both in design and production, and D-tech has taken over schematics part of the project. V2 brings Fusion series to brand new level! I hope to release the missing links in the series Fusion VCF and Fusion VCA in next 2-3 months.

- Recently you've developed a DSP platform with the Black Hole DSP injecting digital FX into your line up of modules. Are you working with DSP developers on new digital projects and FX too?

The Black Hole DSP is developed around well-known SPN1001 chip, which is found in many DSP modules. But we didn’t want to have native effects on the chip, therefore we collaborated with Gary Worsham developer of Spin CAD software dedicated to SPN1001 programming (http://holycityaudio.com/spincad-designer-2/ ). He did several major

adjustments in the software, and Kodek spent 3 months in row to develop effects so, that they sound really great. The success of the module confirms that. We’ll have expansion chip with 8 more effects out by the end of the year.

- One of the standout series of modules has been the PICO range of 3HP modules. Not just for their small size but also the sound and functionality. Were you dreaming of filling small gaps in people's systems or dreaming of a small portable system when work on those began?

Pico Series was, kind of, accidental sidestep!

Janis was pissed off working on Graphic VCO

firmware early this year, and said out loud

something like: “I wish I could do something

small!” And same day we came up with

concepts for 16 Pico modules. We were so

excited about these ideas, that we put aside

Graphic VCO and focussed on Pico. It didn’t

only take a lot of engineering, but also – a lot of creativity to develop user interfaces so that modules are really playable and do the work of regular sized modules. We did lot of

revisions and prototypes before we were happy about the result both musically and