Diversity and Inclusion Framework Diversity and Inclusion Framework - Page 6

OUR VALUES The values that guide Interrelate in its work also underpin the diversity and inclusion framework. R espect: Foster an environment of respect and a strength-based culture in all contact with clients and each other. E quity: Provide people with equitable access to services and information, acknowledging the diversity, needs, rights and worth of all people. L eadership: Be recognised as a leader in providing quality relationship services in a way that maximises outcomes for a diverse range of target groups. A ccountability: Commit to sound ethical principles and standards of practice and operate within an outcome- based framework that recognises shared responsibility and accountability. T ransparency: Serve the needs of staff and clients in a fair, ethical and impartial manner, and provide consistent and transparent practices and procedures. E mpowerment: Offer services that focus on empowering people to build capability and resilience.