Diversity and Inclusion Framework Diversity and Inclusion Framework - Page 28

EVALUATION The effectiveness and achievement of our goals for diversity and inclusion will be reviewed and reported on quarterly. The report will be provided to the CEO and the executive team. The review will focus on the implementation of the actions, the progress made and successes. It will also identify any adjustments required to improve effectiveness. The outcome of the evaluation and review will guide the development of further action plans. THE BOARD AFFIRMS: • Interrelate’s Constitutional values and that inclusion of diversity is an unassailable expression of those values. • Inclusion of diversity broadens the capability and strength of both Interrelate and our society. THE BOARD IS COMMITTED: • to inclusion of diversity within its composition to best equip the Board for optimal governance. • to directing and supporting its CEO for the execution of strategy for the inclusion of diversity to best enable Interrelate to pursue its purposes. www.interrelate.org.au | 1300 i relate (1300 473 528)