Diversity and Inclusion Framework Diversity and Inclusion Framework - Page 20

FOCUS AREA Workplace culture Leadership Communication ACTION PLAN People with a Disability (continued) Customer service ACTIONS MEASURE OF SUCCESS WHO Foster inclusive cultures by celebrating events such as Carers Week, Mental Health Week and International Day of People with Disability to promote understanding of people with a disability and encourage support for their dignity, rights and wellbeing. Build the significant days into the annual event calendar. All sites report activities they have initiated or participated in that celebrate people with a disability. Marketing Team Consider the ways in which participation by people with disabilities or their carers is prevented or limited and define and implement strategies to overcome these. Access strategy developed. Working group/ Executive Customers with disabilities portrayed in information produced by the organisation. Stories of success promoted. A survey of Marketing organisational material PC&P shows people with disabilities are portrayed in information and advertising. Improve the knowledge, awareness, Percentage (%) of skills and behaviour of employees to people with disabilities better understand and respond to the in line with ABS data. diverse needs and choices of potential customers who have a disability. Increase the up-take of Interrelate services by people with disabilities. Data Team