Diversity and Inclusion Framework Diversity and Inclusion Framework - Page 2

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Interrelate acknowledges Aboriginal people past, present and emerging. We acknowledge their hardships, and their disadvantages, our aim is to work together to build a better understanding of their circumstances through their lived experiences, experiences of their past and the impacts that this has on their present and their future. We are inspired by their tenacity, generosity, wisdom and courage and wish to take this inspiration and embed it into the work we do with all our clients. Interrelate aspires to be a leader in our community, an organisation known for working respectfully with clients from all different and diverse backgrounds. We offer a quality and high standard service to all clients regardless of their gender, race, age, disability, sexual orientation, religion, language, socio-economic circumstances, life circumstances, beliefs and any other forms of disadvantage that a client may face. We meet clients at their point of need and walk aside them through their journey offering support and guidance, empowering clients to reach positive and healthy outcomes for themselves, their relationships and their families. INTRODUCTION Interrelate’s Diversity and Inclusion Strategy has been developed in partnership with our staff. It demonstrates our commitment to action, focusing on Recruitment, Working Arrangements, Workplace Culture, Leadership and Communication. Through this strategy we commit to taking up our social responsibility to make a positive contribution to social inclusion outcomes for the community in which we work and serve. To achieve excellence in the provision of services, we require a workforce that reflects the Australian community that we serve, a workplace which is inclusive and empowers everyone to contribute their best and services that are appropriate and accessible to a diverse community. Diversity in our workforce and appropriateness and accessibility of service delivery is not just a ‘nice to have’, it’s a business imperative and it’s everyone’s responsibility. Innovation and adaptability is essential for our ongoing relevance as a service provider and diversity is central to this, it brings forth new and better ways of doing things, helps us to harness the benefits of knowledge and improve the efficiency and quality of our services. When we value diversity and inclusion in our workforce and services we see many benefits to our staff, services and the communities we serve and it is this potential we want to unleash through this plan.