Diversity and Inclusion Framework Diversity and Inclusion Framework - Page 14

FOCUS AREA Recruitment Working arrangements Workplace culture ACTION PLAN Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Intersex and Queer or Questioning (LGBTIQ) Leadership Even though there is an increasing acceptance of LGBTIQ people in society and greater visibility in the media and public life, many LGBTIQ people still experience discrimination, harassment and violence at work, school and in social situations. Interrelate is committed to providing safe, accessible, inclusive, respectful and meaningful services to enhance the wellbeing of LGBTIQ persons. Interrelate will address the discriminatory, attitudinal and social barriers affecting LGBTIQ individuals, families and communities. Interrelate acknowledges the historical and current human rights abuses against LGBTIQ peoples. As relationship experts we will stand alongside our LGBTIQ communities to address discrimination and promote respect and equity for ALL families. Communication Customer service ACTIONS Recruitment advertising is explicit around Interrelate’s diversity and inclusion policy. MEASURE OF SUCCESS Advertising shows evidence of Interrelate’s diversity policy. WHO PC&P Contribute to the development of Strategies around LGBTIQ strategies to achieve, maintain and inclusion are documented monitor LGBTIQ inclusion at Interrelate. PC&P Work to understand the barriers for the LGBTIQ community in accessing services/workforce and ensure that our services/workplaces are welcoming. Organisational cultural survey reports satisfaction with inclusiveness by 95% of staff. ALL Undertake an organisation-wide review of how inclusive our day to day practices are. Develop opportunities to increase understanding of LGBTIQ peoples or LGBTIQ service delivery. Review is conducted, and report circulated, and remedial action plan developed. Reports of initiatives and progress by Managers will demonstrate increased awareness of inclusive practice. Internal training program for staff in regard to inclusive practice. Complete the annual AWEI submission and work to increase level of accreditation. Submission completed, and a level of accreditation proves a baseline for further work. Attendance rates in the reference group. BDMS PLs RI LGBTIQ Working Group is supported and inspired by a strong and committed workplan of action. Progress on work-plan implementation and tracking against KPIs. Actively plan, promote and participate in community events and communications that celebrate, advocate for and promote LGBTIQ inclusion. All sites have evidence of acknowledgement of and/or participation in LGBTIQ diversity days. BDM’s PL’s Strengthen relationships and promote Interrelate services to LGBTIQ organisations. Review and improve our intake processes to ensure they collect and record information in a way that is appropriate and respectful of LGBTIQ clients. Data records referrals from and to LGBTIQ organisations. BDM’s PL’s Intake processes reflect appropriate language and understanding. SRG PL’s Develop a list of LGBTIQ services including informal networks for referrals. List is available on CRM. OS’s SRG Review services to ensure inclusion of LGBTIQ community. Services reflect inclusivity Client satisfaction reflects responsiveness. RI ALL