Ditchmen • NUCA of Florida October 2018 - Page 35

Indian River Lagoon Restoration Project Church Street NSBB™ + UFF Implementation Cocoa Village’s Nutrient Neutralizer NSBB™ Plans for the Church St NSBB™ began in June of 2017 when project engineering firm QLH Associates surveyed the Cocoa Village drainage basin and determined the Church St outfall to be a focal point for pollution discharge into the Indian River. Therefore, by installing the NSBB™ in line with the existing drainage system prior to this termination point, basin runoff can be filtered of contaminates prior to discharge, drastically lowering nutrient pollution impacts in the Indian River Lagoon. In order to assure maximum nutrient removal, the model 10-16 NSBB™ utilizes a custom end chamber filtration system filled with Bold & Gold® biosorption activated media. Bold & Gold® media forms sorbent surface bonds with water molecules, effectively establishing a media nutrient cycle that actively captures any nutrients via biological consumption, resulting in denitrification. Installation personnel work on completing the upflow filtration chamber plumbing prior to installing the Bold & Gold® Media. Pollution Prevention Preparations to Save Our Lagoon The Nutrient Separating Baffle Box® or NSBB™ is an advanced multi stage hydrodynamic separator that specializes in online sediment and nutrient capture without associated headloss and scouring. Both designed and manufactured by Suntree Technologies Inc®, the Church St NSBB™ includes a patented screen system used to capture and store debris in a dry state, minimizing nutrient leaching, septicity and affording an easier maintenance method. A SkimBoss® Floating Skimmer amplifies the effects of the included Hydro-Variant Technology®, bolstering pollutant capture potential and detention time. The incorporation of a custom upflow filtration box containing Bold & Gold® Media, allows the system to drastically increase its nutrient removal effectiveness and promote denitrification, significantly reducing the estimated 5,200lbs of phosphorus and 26,000lbs of nitrogen flowing through Cocoa outfalls to a fraction annually. Installation personnel gathered in Cocoa Village on 3/13/18 at Church St to begin the installation of the model 10-16 NSBB™. The installation process spanned two days to complete successfully without any hindrances. The success of the Church St NSBB™ is another important step in the progression toward restoring a prized national estuary, realized by the efforts of DP Development of the Treasure Coast, QLH Associates, Lindsay Precast Concrete, Ferguson Waterworks, Suntree Technologies Inc®, the City of Cocoa and the IRLNEP. Their efforts to mitigate the nutrient pollution and eutrophication ravaging throughout the Indian River Lagoon, will promote the increased propagation of native fauna and flora, resulting in a healthy and prosperous estuarine habitat for countless generations of wildlife, residents and visitors to live, explore and thrive far into the future. Setting of the NSBB™ top section within the Church Street trench in Cocoa Village. The completion of this NSBB™ installation project will afford a vital and invaluable stormwater management system for the City of Cocoa, implementing another step in the IRL’s recovery. NSBB™ Distributed by: OCTOBER 2018 • DITCHMEN “Specializing in Innovative Stormwater Management Solutions Since 1993” 35