Ditchmen • NUCA of Florida Ditchmen • March 2018 - Page 7

$ Keep us at the Table on the Hill! BIDDING FOR BENJAMINS Have you heard about the new political fundraising challenge? NUCA of Florida President Jordan Lee, Utility Service Company, established a new program to help fund our statewide political contributions entitled “Bidding for Benjamins.” The premise is simple: when your company is awarded a bid or new project, pass on $100 (a.k.a. a Benjamin) or more if it’s a really big project to NUCA of Florida to be used exclusively for political contributions to candidates that will support our industry issues. If every contractor, supplier, manufacturer and professional associate would take on this challenge, NUCA of Florida could successfully increase their political clout in Tallahassee. We will keep a running tally on the Bidding for Benjamins program and the winner will have bragging rights. Additionally, PAC Chair Tony Zebouni has committed to creating a prize to be awarded at the 2018 Annual Conference, July 12-15 at Ocean Reef, Key Largo. More Bidding for Benjamins contributions have arrived in January and February! Scott Johnson & Clark Cryer, Johnson-Davis, sent another $1000 representing new projects their company has been awarded. The winning projects include: • Marriott International Drive - Orange Co./Hubbard Construction • Elsa Road Outfall - Town of Jupiter • Turnpike Crossing Building 5 - Duke Realty/Messier Land Developing • Torry Island Temporary Utility Bypass - Palm Beach County Water Utilities Department • City of Lake Worth District 3, Year 2 - City of Lake Worth/JW Cheatham • Congress Ave. North of Okeechobee - PBC Engineering & Public Works • 24” Valve Replacement 40th St. North - Palm Beach Water Utilities • Exeter - Itasca/Messier Land Developing • North 13th Stree/Avenue Q - City of Fort Pierce • Black Watch Farms - RioBak Corp. Likewise, Mike Kivlin, Jon Woodall and Mike Woodall from John Woody, Inc. C ompany contributed $1000 for projects that they recently secured. Total as of February 20, 2018: Johnson-Davis - $1000; John Woody Inc. - $1000. Congratulations Scott, Clark and the Johnson-Davis team for taking the lead in 2017 with Jordan, Bill and Randy of Utility Service Company coming in Second Place! Won’t you tap into your competitive spirit and help us grow our PAC for the 2018 election cycle? Participate in the Bidding for Benjamins PAC challenge. Checks should be made payable to NUCA of Florida and mailed to NUCA of Florida, 113 East College Avenue, Suite 200, Tallahassee, FL 32301. MARCH 2018 • DITCHMEN 7