Ditchmen • NUCA of Florida Ditchmen • February 2018 - Page 9

President’s Message President Jordan Lee, Utility Service Company Welcome to March! We’re coming up on the end of the first quarter of 2018 and I hope things are going great for you and your company! To those who sponsored and partic ipated in the ASJ Bass Fishing Tournament, thank you for your support! Not only was there terrific weather, it was a great time had by all! I have been receiving a few requests for visits to each chapter and am looking forward to seeing everyone! I’ll be a little tied up next month with the upcoming birth of our second son, but I promise I’ll be coming to a meeting or event for each chapter. While we are on that, how are your new members looking? Have you been talking to any new potential members about NUCA of FL? Every time you don’t speak up, it is a missed opportunity. To recap this first quarter- we have begun the 2018 Bidding for Benjamin’s campaign; Legislative Days was a great success and our Legislative priorities are positioned to pass and the CILB decided not to offer a trenchless license. The Andrew Scott Johnson Memorial Bass Fishing Tournament had a great turnout and raised a lot of money for the scholarship fund, and I’m sure there are a handful more things that I can’t remember! Please check out the links for the annual meeting at Ocean Reef, and sign up! It’s going to be a great time at a beautiful location! Thank you all again for all the hard work you are putting in to make this association the best it can be! • • • Jordan Lee during the 2018 ASJMSF Fishing Tournament FEBRUARY 2018 • DITCHMEN 9